Boatie and Clarkie

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I did a short self shoot from Boat Quay to Clarke Quay while photographing a few nonsensical photos.

Christmas Tree in between the 2 UOB buildings. Gorgeous paranoma shot taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4. I absolutely love the paranomas produced by this phone.

Boat Quay (And a pigeon’s butt)

There was a riot on Sunday night, while we were watching the match between Arsenal and Everton. Pretty amazing game, accompanied by a disastrous riot that didn’t really affect me, thankfully.

Sup, niggas

I’ve been walking around the area for like 3 hours, and I felt like I was stalking this couple. It felt like either I was stalking them or the other way round. Don’t these people have to go to work??

Bridge Underpass

White Christmas indeed. Hi there, ballerina.

With an extra idiot in the shot. Right smack in the middle, man. Dammit but I look good here! Ughhhhh.

Will have to do with this shot then. Non-existent face and a huge frown. Clarke bloody Quay.

I did my visa on Monday, the lady told me it takes about 15 days……. BUT THEY CLOSE FROM 25th TILL 11th JAN. OH SHIT. I hope they finish my visa by the 20th. Please. Please. Please!

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