Christmas Eve

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Being back home feels weird.. Going back to my same ol’ daily routine feels even weirder. On the bright side, I got off my lazy bum and did a short shoot while construction men across the street stared at me in confusion. I couldn’t care less about them, if I didn’t do the shoot today, I’d never get off my Battlefield 4 long enough to do it on other days. Hence, the grumpy face and simple photographs maybe..


This little creature was circling above me last night. It finally stayed put on the fridge long enough for me to photograph it.

Yesterday, I didn’t manage to change my driving license.. The queue was just insane. There were 200 people before me (And 300 after me). I just don’t wanna waste the time to wait. But mum and I manage to eat A&W for lunch.. Wasn’t the best choice but the root beer float made everything better.

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