New App to Explore!

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Yuki told me about this new app in PLAY Store for Samsung Users out there. It’s only in Beta stage but it seems pretty promising.

I love their super hipster welcome screen and side menu.

So here’s what the app is about..

1. They recommend you sweet apps (Including reviews) that they think might suit you.

2. They tell you about the sweetest discounts and deals you can get (easily!)

Well, that’s all that I’ve explored so far.. I know they great rewards and exclusive contents from experts, but I’ve yet to see them yet. And their suggestions are pretty darn accurate. I have no idea how they would have guessed that I’m a taxi kind of person.. Or maybe it’s a lucky guess… Hmmmmm …

Anyway, I’m gonna hang on to this app for a couple weeks and see what it can do for me.

Till the next entry! (:

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