New Zealand Memories

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In exactly 29 days, I’d be on a plane to Auckland, New Zealand. I’m not really sure how I feel about that. I’m excited to live in a new place for 2 years independently.. Walk about whenever, do whatever I want.. But a part of me wants to stay. Maybe I’m just really attached to a lot of things here.

I looked through the photographs I’ve taken in New Zealand few years back and I want to repost them in this blog entry because they’re just so lovely.

It was so windy at Wellington, our hair were flying about. Look at mum’s!

Lance’s half house in Wellington. 1 quarter of the house was sliced off by an evil giant saw man.

We were there during Autumn, season with the most beautiful colours.

Leaf-less trees everywhere.

Or dying leaves on trees.

There are plenty of birds in New Zealand. Like, a lot, a lot. I’ve never seen so many birds and ducks in 10 days in my life. Lol.

We went to wild life parks and zoos too, of course.


Hi there, hungry one.


African Painted Dogs. Ferocious..

I met otters that have been living together for 8 years!

I almost got stung by a bee too. But the stupid bee decided to attack my slipper sole instead. HAH.
Amber: 1 ; Bee: 0

Till the next blog entry.

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