Not So Lucky After All

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Mum and I went to Petaling Street in hope to find a cheong sam for my mum as well as other little things we needed to get. Well, we actually managed to find a cheong sam that fitted my mum perfectly. Even better, it’s not some stupid peacock embroidery but a beautiful phoenix instead. 90% of the cheong sams I came across had peacocks. So overrated and I find it less majestic compared to the phoenix. Besides it suited my mum a lot because her name meant beautiful phoenix. 美凤

We were so glad.. We even got a good discount for it. But what happened after that was just depressing.. I had to drop some stupid studded mask in a costume shop and the studs fell off.. We had to pay for it of course.. RM50. Jesus, their selling price was RM70 for a low quality studded mask. It was really depressing, I shall stop talking about it now.

The lady boss of the cheong sam store making minor changes to the cheong sam mum bought.

Mum picking out her favourite yong tau fu for lunch.

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