Shopping on Christmas Day

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Merry Christmas! Mum and I decided to go shopping today.. We were aiming to buy our evening gowns for a wedding.

The 2nd thing I was looking for was a biker jacket. I always wanted one.. But there was no reason to wear one in Malaysia because the weather is too hot and I don’t ride bikes. This was the initial jacket I wanted to get from Forever 21.. But the cutting wasn’t fabulous..

This on the other hand had a fabulous cutting. But I’d rather not have the studs. Mum said the collar was jutting out too.. So I gotta wait around and look for a nicer one when I go shopping again this Friday.

Meanwhile, we were looking for our dresses. I had a dress in mind but I couldn’t really find the one I wanted. So I thought of this as option 2. But the material was so thin, I could see the bra pad from the mirror.. Christ. Gross.


So I settled for this one. I bought the salmon pink instead of the red though. The red was too matured for me.. I’m still a kiddo, and I intend to stay a kiddo. Yeah? RM95 for a pretty dress like that. Quite cheap eh? (:
The corset part was done nicely too, so wearing it without a bra wasn’t a problem. It’s better to wear it without a bra actually.

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