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I’m finally home! I was in Singapore for exactly 2 weeks. I had the most fabulous piece of news from my mum on Monday when I was still in Singapore. In the previous blog entry, I mentioned that I did my NZ Visa on the 9th of Dec. The lady told me that it would be done within 15 days or so. Well, guess what! My visa has been approved and issued! No, no no, that’s not the greatest news yet. They mailed my passport back to my house in KL while I am still stuck in Singapore without a passport. I applied my visa IN PERSON in Singapore. Why would I possibly want my passport to be mailed back to Malaysia? How would I be able to get home then? Christ! I don’t understand what went wrong and I’m not too sure if I want to know the reason either. It’s such a stupid decision.

Me   : What? How?
Mum: Yes. How on Earth are you gonna come back home then?

So stupid.. Mum had to search high and low for someone to hand carry my passport to me in Singapore because FedEx wouldn’t mail passports to other countries.. Other than the huge disappointment in VFS Global.. I was fine in Singapore, surviving on very little money. Things are really expensive for a Malaysian visitor here.

Being stuck here for almost 2 weeks gave me enough time to observe the living habits in Singapore and compare it with Malaysia. You have absolutely no idea how both countries differs from each other.

1. Their fast food chain restaurants have no sinks.
When I had to find lunch on my own a few days ago, I had a burger at MCD. I couldn’t find a sink to wash my hands after my meal. I just. Can’t. Comprehend. ):

2. Birds attack!
It’s common that birds attack the leftovers on tables at restaurants. Outdoors, of course.. Can you see the black bird on top of the bowl? It’s a lil’ difficult to see though.

3. Sometimes you get scolding from the taxi men. For a good reason It’s so common to get ‘thrown out’ of the cab in Malaysia.. Not to mention you need to state your destination before getting INTO the cab.. But in Singapore, I got scolded for doing that and lectured about how taxi men could have conned my money.

4. Their hawker centers are basically.. Food courts.
Rarely (Or almost non-existent) you would see a coffee shop. Hygiene purposes, I’m sure.. But shit, the prices are obviously higher for food that aren’t guaranteed to satisfy you.

Ohh, I had Mee Siam.. And it’s different in Singapore! It’s like bihun rebus. But the one i had was terrible.. ):

Their ramli burgers are okay. It’s good stuff, except that I wish they would add in more sauce and some veggie.

And they sell sharks fin soup in night markets too! D: I’m told that night markets are really rare now..

I wouldn’t order this man.. Look at how dry it is. D:

I have a lot of food pics ._.

The queue for busses back to Malaysia. Johor, probably.. It gets longer by the minute

Photographs taken with Samsung S4

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