X-Ray, Shopping and Self Shoot

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I had a pretty interesting week.

Also, I went to do my Chest X-Ray at Sea Park earlier this week.

It was so cooooool. My first X-Ray. Hahah. I’m such an excited rabbit. She asked me to change into this blue robe that only covers the front. I had to stand facing this mechanism against the wall and pose like a little chicken . She reminds me of my dance instructor, straightening my back and putting my hands at my waist, elbows forward. Then she asked me to breathe in really hard and hold my breath when she gives the signal.

After that, mum had to go to the bank to do some stuff for my visa as well. In return of the whole day spent on my visa documents, I had to wash the car in the evening. Fair trade. I kinda do enjoy washing the car once in a while. (I repeat, once in a while.)

I went shopping with Dee last Friday too, wearing my favourite beanie bought by my close friend from Singapore. While shopping, I found this really pretty white laced corset bra at Forever 21. It costs RM40… Oh why..

When we stepped into H&M..

Dee: We’re gonna focus on finding a cropped top first.
Me: Okay.
*2 seconds later*

Life with Deirdre Wong.

Anyway, we couldn’t find any nice cropped tops since it’s Autumn/Winter season everywhere (Gee, why bother when it’s Malaysia) so I gave her a cropped top and a pinafore skater skirt for her birthday. She fits the cropped top perfectly. D: Lucky girl for being so petite.

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