Auckland #2

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 In honour of the Orpheus Disaster (The New Zealand’s worst sea disaster)
Out of 259 men, 189 lost their lives..


Knock, knock!
After the Maritime Museum, we went to Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World and we were greeted first by penguins!

 Look at that! So friggin’ cute.

 Sorry, bro.. Don’t have to stare at me like that.. ):

I could just stand by the jelly fish and snap their photos all day. They looked so gorgeous, gentle and graceful..

 Hermit Crab

I’d call this one the Starry Sea Horse.

Anemomenenoe (Anemone) and a tiny fish. I can never remember how to pronounce it.

 After the Sea Life exploration, we walked along the coast line to get a drink and some food.

A platter of mussels.


After dinner, we waited for abt an hour and a half for a seat at Milse. The most amazing dessert restaurant ever.

 I ordered Blueberries.
Can you believe it? You would only know the ingredients to your dessert.

We ordered almost everything except the Cherries.





Next entry is on Laneway Festival! 😀

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