Bond Bond Party

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So I celebrated my birthday 6 months early this year because nobody in Malaysia can spend it with me in person. After all, it will be my 21st birthday this year. Birth of a free woman!
Note: I’m actually wearing a bright orange dress..

It was actually suppose to start at 7pm. Everyone except Sabrina came after 9pm. I swear, by 8pm, I thought everyone abandoned me. I was about to cry already. ):

Next, I present you a picture of the overexcited me trying to kiss my beautiful mama.

Sabrina sort of found where I ‘hide’ my camera and snapped away. This is my fav picture.
That entire 2 minutes was like eternity for me.
In my head, I was going like ‘Shit, why are they photographing me? What did I do wrong? Oh my God, I think I’m going to jail. Are they smiling? Why am I smiling?’

After the cake, mum opened a bottle of Moet & Chandon and we all toasted. I think I finished half the bottle. Most of them didn’t like champagne, which I was fine with. It just meant there’s more for me. Hah. They did finish Sabrina’s bottle of whiskey though.. Alcoholics . Tsk.

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