Chinese New Year Dinner @ Noble Mansion

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Yee sang with grilled salmon belly and white truffle
I had 2 yee sangs so far for this year’s CNY. Both had paler natural colours because they didn’t want to use artificial colours.

They would pour a bowl of the white truffle powder when they serve. It makes the whole plate of yee sang look snowy, after you ‘lou’, it just kinda disappears.


Crispy Iceland Cod Fish with Mandarin Orange Cubes (RM18++ per portion)

Braised 8-Treasure Pig Trotter (RM98++)

Look at the treasure inside!

Braised Boston Lobster with Shanghai Rice Cake and Garlic (RM33++ per 100gram)
The lobster and rice cake were delicious. Stunning dish.

Stir-fried Glutinous Rice with Abalone in Pumpkin (RM48++ per portion)


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