Farewell Breakfast

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A super short entry today before I head to bed. Shoulders aching so bad, I feel like I want to vomit now.
I had breakfast with Mich, Szen and Pat last Sunday (Including J and Sabrina). It was a good Sunday breakfast. Funny conversations and all.. I got fabulous gifts from them 3 too. 😀

(‘: I didn’t read it there and then otherwise I would be crying rivers.

They gave me a mini perfume that I could keep in my bag. :3 I swear, Szen is like my perfume supplier. I still have 3 big bottles of perfume that she gave me.

It smells real good too.

This! Best present ever for the future cold seasons in NZ. Neck warmer and comfy socks. The socks are so cute some more.

Oh, here’s a picture of my grandma and I that I found in her house.

I think i look so shitty. I am so, so tired. Tensed, anxious and my shoulders ache so bad.. I need sleep. But it’s worth it.

For 4 nights straight, we had at least 1 Ramli burger EACH for supper. Two patties, two eggs and cheese. Best way to spend RM9 for supper. We would always buy 3 and have 1 and a half each..

Ohh, there was this 1 time when J and I ate at Peruvie in TTDI, we sat outside because he wanted to smoke. It was such a bad move. When the food came, this big green-eyed cat just sat right beside me with that pitiful 10 cent face. I swear, neither of us could take it and neither of us wanted to give our share of food to it. I gave it some rice.. Fussy cat only wants the chicken meat. I gave a piece and it begged for more. That was it, we went inside to eat instead.

Oh man, 2 days left in Malaysia.

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