Laneway Festival 2014, Auckland

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Great day to hold a festival. It was super sunny and windy. It was definitely my first music festival overseas and I absolutely enjoyed it. It wasn’t hot and humid like back in Malaysia, I didn’t get all sticky and sweaty which is the best thing in the world for me.

In all honesty, I only wanted to attend Laneway to watch Daughter. That was it. 139 NZD for Daughter and an addition of 40 bucks for their Amsterdam t-shirt. Christ, that’s expensive. But I kept thinking about how I had perks back in Malaysia, getting media passes for FMFA and etc.. This is the first music festival that I had to get my own ticket. My sister paid for me (Eternally grateful). She was the one who told me about Laneway too (Even more grateful).

So yeah, after brunch at Ortolana, I headed to Silo Park at about 1pm. I was in time for a couple of songs from The Jezabels. I should check them out soon, they sounded real good.

After that, I headed to the very-far-and-lonely stage where Youth Lagoon was playing. Not so keen on it so I walked back to the bigger stage where Jagwar Ma was playing. Pretty trippy shit they were playing. I made a mistake of standing behind.. I didn’t think Daughter would play straight away after them. There were two stages side by side, you see.. So when Jagwar Ma finished playing on the left stage, Daughter started on the right stage. Damn. I stood behind two really tall men. :C

But anyway ! I had an okay view of them and I could hear them loud and clear. So I was okay. I have some shots of them ! 😀

She is so beautiful. She was so shy too, makes me feel that she’s still human. Stage fright maybe? Or just super happy to see so many fans? I could tell that they were all happy to see us.

 They started off with ‘Still’ and played a lot of songs after. The crowd went insane when they played ‘Youth’. At one point, Elena couldn’t finish the verse and we kinda just finished it for her. She was really thankful for us singing along with her. Argh, she’s so sweet and adorable. I absolutely adore her. Sadly, they didn’t play ‘Smother’.. Oh well. /:


After Daughter, I walked around and explored.. And took solo pics at Dr. Martens. ‘I stand for humanity’, do I now? I mean.. what humanity?? Jeez. I’m too human sometimes. I should have been more selfish and stand for myself. Lololol .

Here’s the awesome Amsterdam shirt ! XS for men. :C Women’s size were all sold out.

Human jam over the bridge. I swear, this is the first time I had to queue up to cross a bridge.

Til the next entry. (:

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