Sap’s Birthday Dinner

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Last Saturday night was well spent on Sap’s birthday dinner. Other than the fact that TGIF didn’t key in my Southwestern Mac n Cheese, came only after everyone finished eating and it was cold….. I had a good time with them. Even TGIF can’t ruin my mood that night. I refuse to let them.

Sap had a special ketchup mic.

I sat next to Elaine and finished her grilled zucchini because I had no food. ):

With the birthday boy!
I felt like Mother Mary. I wanted to. My hair made me feel like being such a goody two shoes, I just had to dress up to match that.

‘Boys! What do you think of Justin Bieber? MAKE THAT FACEEEE’
I’m the meanest photographer. Ever.

Just the girls.
Michelle, me, Elaine, Deirdre, Mandy and Debra.

Debra, Edward, Deirdre and me.

With Asif. He’s the nicest guy in the world.


With the birthday boy and Daniel on the right.

He was forced to sing a song out loud. It was so funny.

Happy Birthday, Sap.

Photographs credits to Daniel Wong. (:

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