Transitioning from Christmas to CNY

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I found this on tumblr. It’s too cute not to share. Swear.
And no, I didn’t get fat… At least I’d like to believe so.

Happy New year once again, guys! Last post had a lot of photographs.. I figured, today I’ll put in more words instead (Actually, it’s because I just need to rant on some really inconsiderate people).

\\Rant Session\\

I’ve seen a few horrible posts on Facebook and Twitter about Christmas and CNY. Some talked about how people are forgetting that it’s 12 days of Christmas, why are people starting to sell Chinese New Year goods.. Some talked about how shops started to sell even before Christmas arrived. These people are getting so anal about how disrespectful it is and how f-ed up Malaysian mentality is.

People really need to chill. We live in a multiracial country that celebrates Chinese New Year, Raya, Deepavali and Christmas, and I’ve only mentioned the major ones. In some years, Raya would clash with CNY/Deepavali or Christmas.. Business still resumes, selling both festivals’ goods. So, what’s the problem with selling Chinese New Year goods within 12 days of Christmas? There’s so many reasons to start selling early. Like, I don’t know… It’s the only holiday season before CNY? School is reopening soon, and this is probably the only time everyone can do their Christmas/New Year/Chinese New Year shopping. So just suck it! Some people in Malaysia have jobs and school to attend. I think it’s crazy to bring up how it disrespects Christians and Christmas. If it hurts your eyes so bad, just close them.

If you want to talk about fairness, the shops probably allocated a month for Christmas, and a month for CNY. And 1 month before CNY just so happen to start within the 12 days of Christmas. Geez. So if shops starts selling CNY goods a week late, then it would also be unfair to non-Christians. Ya? Disrespectful too. …. I don’t even find THAT as disrespectful.

If that’s wrong, then I guess I’m disrespecting Christians and Christmas too because almost every year, I attended Chinese New Year food reviews before Christmas/during Christmas.

Such a lame excuse to insult your own people. THIS is your own f-ed up mentality for turning such petty things to negative issues that should be solved. Ugh.

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