Framed Eggs

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So I made framed eggs for dinner last night. OH, HOW I THOUGHT IT WAS EASY TO MAKE IT LOOK PRETTY.

I used a glass cup to cut out a perfect circle.

 I want to make 2 different framed eggs. This bowl contains an unbeaten egg.

 And this one, I added a tablespoon of milk and beat the egg.

Some cheddar to burn on the pan later.

 So I pan fry the bread separately to make it toasty.

 Then I added in the egg… AND EVERYTHING WAS A MESS AFTER.

Look at that.. The picture above look so gorgeous. Then I just had to flip it over and destroyed it. I couldn’t even photograph what I was doing because I had to make sure I don’t burn the bread. Or the eggs. Or cheese.

 So voila, the end products. The sunny side framed egg look so sad. ):

As for the cut out breads, I dipped them into the egg mixture and pan fried it with cheese. I must say, I liked that better than the framed eggs.

It’s so embarrassing making such ugly food but it tasted good, so it doesn’t matter anymore. Hah.

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