SaturDay Out! & The Other Boring Days

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I eat this at least twice a week. So easy to make and so, so good.

Crazy matching bags and outfits there.

So, so expensive. :C

The night we finally got internet, we went out to eat to ‘celebrate’. We were craving for some Chinese tai chao but we weren’t expecting this….. It’s totally different from the wa tan hor in Malaysia. No veggie, no colour at all. Just meat, egg and hor fun. Looks pretty sad, but it tasted alright. Sent us back home for a while.


The next day, we went out to buy groceries. Pak n Sav is pretty far from Auckland CBD, so we took a train there. But before that, we popped by the farmer’s market.

The Big Ugly.
This is the weirdest hotdog ever. Potato chips on the outside, special batter and a sausage inside.

We ordered 1 just to try, I swear, it tastes nothing like a hotdog. Weird, but it does taste alright.

Britomart Train Station.

Because the train that stops at Avondale, we had to walk for about 10 minutes to reach Pak n Sav.. We decided to take a bus back instead because GROCERIES. Heavy bags, I swear!

Taking the bus back was definitely way better. Cheaper and we walk less!


What’s for dinner? Cheese Steamed Rice. Well I didn’t want to use the oven for a single person meal.. So steamed is all I can get now. :C

I added a whole lotta grated cheese. Grating cheese will definitely define my triceps and biceps and abs. I’m so sure of it. By the 50th time I grate a big block of cheese, I’d have a stunning body. LOL.

I’ve kind of finally settled down mentally in Auckland. About time eh? Despite only being here for about 2 months plus, I already learnt a lot here. Not only in university, but by just living here. It’s true that you will only develop these kind of independent skills if you are studying abroad. The impact is so big that I could already feel it.

Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to do adult stuff. Yeah, that’s right, I can adult nao. Like pay bills, rent and food. It’ll suck to be an adult in a couple of years though..


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