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First week of holidays are almost over now and I’ve yet to do anything very productive due to terrible procrastination. It’s mum’s birthday next week and I’ve yet to create the best virtual gift for her. Stupid procrastination, why do you exist? Let’s hope your existence adds to my imagination.

Asides that, I’m counting down the days till J’s 3 week holiday in Europe.
5 days left.
Maybe after that, I’ll be able to do my assignments and some photography. I’m thinking of going up North shore to the beach. YES, IN AUTUMN. I went to K’Road last Monday and I’m gonna go there again tomorrow, so hopefully I have a decent amount of pictures to put them up on this blog. K’road isn’t very fa from where I stay and it has a totally different atmosphere. I quite like it there. Nice to just chill there. Till that adventure, I’ve only got these photos of me being a prisoner to myself in my room. Well, I’ve been in my room long enough to appreciate the beauty of the light that comes through the windows.

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