Paintball at a Abandoned Asylum

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Last Sunday, I tried paintball. I made the hastiest decision when I bought the ticket on TreatMe for $18. I wanted to try new things, and when Ben suggested a group of peeps do paintball together, WHY THE HELL NOT?

It took us about 40 minutes to get to the Asylum Paintball, Kingseat Road.

 Look at those babies. Sweet paintball guns.


Some of them chose to pay $5 for overalls that were extremely huge for some of them. Lololol, they were floating around in them. Girls on the other hand, get free chest plates! Well.. Vests. I look bad ass, ey?

The Blue Team! The ones who didn’t pay for overalls, just because.

It was good fun for 3 hours. We played different modes and just went all out.

Now let’s look at the damage I’ve done to myself.

I swear, the worst place to get shot at is in between your fingers. ESPECIALLY your main hand holding the bloody heavy gun. Jesus, it stings!


These were the worst because I got shot within about.. 5 meters? :C
My left leg is partially weak now.

Although I had hell a lot of fun.. I’m not sure if I want to go back and play paintball again. I treasure my pretty skin and rather not have them damaged anymore. LOL.

The asylum is so cool though. Playing in a mental ward is just.. Mental. Worst is when you’re running indoors and everything is almost pitch black. Then BAM! Someone shoots you down. Maan. Best way to have the first paintball experience for me. (:

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