Diablo 3 Progress

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I was on the verge of quitting my wizard life and join the crusade. Lol. But then Blizzard decided, ‘NO, YOU SHALL NOT. HERE’S WHAT YOU WANTED.’ So I got the almost perfect Witching Hour, then the almost perfect Mirrorball shortly after that. When I changed my built to suit the Mirrorball, I was thinking.. How nice if I could get a Cindercoat now.. CHINGGG. Scorpion decided to drop a Cindercoat for me. Well, not the best Cindercoat but that would do.

Comparison with my old and new outfit.

 Heh, Spectrum transmorg looking awesome.

Using Tal Rasha set, maximizing the use of multi elemental meteors was fun. Actually I found it did more damage than my current fire build. But then again, I just need a new weapon and upgraded gear.
I don’t even want to share how sad my Frozen Orb build was. It was just boring and not T3 efficient. It was like a Tank Mage. I had 12 million toughness and 1.3 million damage. Yet I felt like I achieved nothing!
Links: Wizard Character , DiabloProgress


Smart ass rift guardian decides to glitch and make our lives so much easier.

 Super Awesome Sparkle Cake. A cute Instakill Pony.

Evil Oliver, a subsidiary of happy company.
I don’t even.
And it killed me because I was just staring at his name. Stupid cuddle bear.

 Adventures in EU server! I HAVE NO FRIENDS. WHAT.

Apparently, if you drop a normal legendary and a set legendary, you get a yellow beam.

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