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Have you guys heard of Child of Light? Or maybe own a PS4 and has already finished the game… … Well, I’ve just started playing it on PC. It has the most beautiful water coloured graphics.

Child of Light is like a fairy tale game.

Princess Aurora is our main character – The Child of Light who awakens in a nightmare and has to fight her way out of it to see her papa again. Typical hero/heroine story here but there’s something different about this game. I’ll tell you why…

1. Most of the conversations rhymes. Heck, the whole game is filled with poems too.
It’s pretty amazing how they can whip up so many poems in the game. Well, it’s definitely not easy to create this game.

2. The skill tree for the playable characters remind me of Final Fantasy X. It’s a little difficult to see where the line goes sometimes though. Or maybe I’m just a lil’ bit on the blind side when I want to add skills quickly.

Sometimes, I kinda just stop moving and look at the scenery. It’s just absolutely stunning. It’s a different kind of beautiful. It kind of suits the whole theme. Poems, fairy tale… Water coloured pictures..

 Well, that’s about it for today. I finished defeating the evil stepsister, Cordelia and Aurora decided to grow up…
There’s always an evil stepsister ey? I have stepsisters too, they’re not evil. Lol.

Serge Meirinho, the concept artist said, ‘We had already toyed with the idea of seeing Aurora at various stages of her life. When you add in the RPG elements and levelling mechanics, it almost seems natural to have her age with each level she gains. Apart from being a visual metaphor both for video games and fairy tales, it’s simple, clear and unusual!’

Okay, so Aurora grew up. I wonder if she’ll get older when I get the sun next.

Here’s an awesome infographic I found to end this post. (:
Till next time!

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