The Arrival of The New Ride!

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It was a super sweet deal at Mightyape. $99 for this MGP VX3 Pro.
Check out the other Madd products here!

Of course.. What do I know about scooters? I had one when i was about 10 and I had the worst accident by hitting the kitchen wall (It sucks that I was only allowed to practice it within the house).
I still have the nasty scar from that accident on my right knee. What was I thinking??!? Riding a scooter at full speed in the house! BRILLIANT IDEA, 10 YEAR OLD AMBER.

Nevertheless, I can assemble this with ease. 😛

Woo woo! See? I told you I can do it. And please, refrain from judging my floral boxer shorts.

I can’t wait to take it out for joy rides after tomorrow’s exam (Yes, an exam on a Saturday).

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