12 hours of Good Sleep… And Devonport

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We definitely excelled in sleeping till noon. Jane and Kei Kiat made ‘breakfast’ and we just lazed around till about 3pm before heading out.

Look at the couple rocking my kitchen.

 Meanwhile, I get to sit back, relax and watch TV while they cook.

 Colourful breakfast. Yums.


 Excited kids.

 Beer or no beer?

We ate fish and chips and fed some chips to the birds. Even a big eagle was circling us. Not too sure if it was eyeing our food or the smaller birds…
The birds didn’t return us the favour of the chips. Instead, it shat on my boot and Kei Kiat’s hoodie. THANKS, BIRDS. APPRECIATE IT.

 The view from Devonport is amazing.

 I’m not very good at being photographed by people.

 I TRIED. But awkward hand decides to stick out.

There, there, Jane.. It’s okay if you’re too short to ride the Zorb in Rotorua.

As you can see, Kei Kiat absolutely fails at taking good photos.

We’re off to Rotorua today! So, I’ll only update my blog on Thursday.. Teehee, See yeah!


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