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I went to Gather without knowing what Gather really is about. My sister asked if I wanted to volunteer to help out and I just said ‘OK I’M IN.’ I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to attend Gather as I’ve met so many wonderful people and learnt so much in one day! I came home feeling like an expert AND an idiot. (Well, according to¬†@ignifluous , we are all idiots in some ways.)

Let me rephrase, I came home feeling 80% stupid and 20% smarter. I’m not a developer/musician/designer/entrepreneur/creative leader/journalist, what am I doing here?!? That’s the mindset I had at the start of Gather, and that was the 40% of the stupidity I came home with. It didn’t matter what I do or think I’m going to do. The important mindset I should have stuck to was – here to learn new things and be inspired. That’s where the 20% comes in. I cleverly switched mindsets right after lunch. Tsk. ūüėõ Anyway, the 80% of stupidity is the most important part of the whole pie chart thing, believe it or not. After listening to all these wonderful inspiring speakers, they’ve reset my life and cleared out all the junk from my brain. What I’ve got now is a clean brain where I can put proper thoughts, dreams and goals in life that I really want to achieve with a bonus of being able to relearn things I enjoy doing! Like photographing people. I mean, stalking.

I helped out to volunteer, so my job was to register Gatherers. I mispelt majority of the Gatherers… and only got the hang of it after 200/300+ people checked in.

Ukulele singalong with @rachelrayner and@whereishayden!

Someone should give him the Best Costume Award.

I went to a session where they were talking about the braaaaaaaaaaaain sensor. Zombies would be super interested in purchasing one of these. They’ll be able to separate what types of brains they want to eat. The attentive brain, calm brain, hyped up brain.. You know? Just a variety of brains for zombies.

“I’m a fraud and everyone else is fooled. It’s only a matter of time before they realise.”

One of the most emotional talks I attended was the session about The Imposter Syndrome and Workplace Anxiety. We talked about how to deal with disclosing anxiety and depression issues with co-workers and employers.

‘If you tried to make changes at the workplace and nothing works out, you shouldn’t be working there.’

I totally understood how being so anxious feels like. But I’m pretty sure there were a lot of people feeling like this ^

1 fraction of the intensity contained in the ‘Anxiety Room’.


Stache man’s speech left me (AND ROCHELLE) speechless and completely inspired.

It’s so cool¬†seeing so many people started to knit non-stop after the knitting session they¬†attended.

BEHOLD! The finale of Gather – Tesla Coil Orchestra! Well, it’s a keyboard-controlled tesla coil. It’s friggin’ awesome.


I helped out to punch the holes for the bag and a bunch of other stuff. Each bag has my DNA and effort, guys!!

Awesome stuff ey? My sister’s so talented.



This is super awesome.

Looks neat, doesn’t it?

It’s not a very elaborative post on Gather. To be really honest, there’s just too much to write about Gather! You just have to experience it for yourself and be part of the Gather people. Off to bed now because WORLD CUP TOMORROW MORNING AT 7AM.

So excited to celebrate my birthday week with my friends who are studying in Aussie! HERE! ūüėÄ (I’m always a¬†lamp post in Auckland. First my sister and her husband, now my two friends…¬†WHY ME?)

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