Popin’ Cookin’ Candy Sushi Making!

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My sister and I stumbled across this when we were out shopping and I couldn’t resist. I always wanted to try them out. Japanese are so creative with stuff like these.

Isn’t it neat? All you need is a small bowl of water. No fuss at all!

The powder for the rice has a super duper strong bubblegum smell.


While rolling them and molding them into small rectangular shapes, they were  a bit powdery and had crystals all over (Sugar, perhaps?) Well, it does look like sushi rice. Just extremely overcooked and wet-looking sushi rice.

Making the seaweed was pretty easy. It’s like playing with Play-Doh!

 Yellow: Egg, Red: Tuna
Citrusy and grape-y smells.

It’s not easy to flatten them to an even layer. For a perfectionist at least.
Frustration level: 7/10

Making the ebiko was the most fun part. It’s like watching science unfold, making you wonder, HOW DOES THE BALLS NOT STICK TO EACH OTHER?


There was such a diabetic smell in the house…


Well, they look  pretty realistic. The colour of the tamago sushi was a bit off but overall, I think they look pretty awesome. $7.49 NZD worth of fun right there. 😀

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