It’s an adventure!

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I wanted to be out of my comfort zone. I need to. But I can’t do it too quickly.. I’d scare the living hell out of myself. So I spent the whole day walking about and photographed whatever that interested me. The funny thing is, the biggest discovery I’ve found is an Asian grocery store. I kid you not, the prices are pretty cheap and I got really excited.

Anyway, back to the real adventure… Maryna and I went on a hunt for rooftops. We climbed several flights of stairs that got us nowhere and only found one accessible rooftop (so far!). It was so uplifting to be on the rooftop. The view was amazing, the wind was howling.. I loved it. We both did! We spent almost an hour up there discussing different buildings and where everything is at.

We found a few potential rooftops that we can try accessing. We’ll save that adventure for another day.

Maryna found some algae growing on the fake grass on the rooftop. It’s so beautiful.

Wholesale Asian groceries? Yasssss!

Whenever we hit a dead end while climbing up stairs, we take breaks to do mini photo shoots.


“Waiting for my boyfriend, Version 2.0”

I tend to end with a sunset, don’t I?

3 thoughts on “It’s an adventure!

  1. sweet stuff . . . love yer shoes which are equally sweet.

    try to practise 1/3 with 2/3 every fooking time b4 u click ken or knot? do i hv to drill that into ya head? every pix “subject” is right smack in da centre like amateur fotographer horrrr? aiyoh disappointing (if not embarrassing) yer old man here u know.


    Please? Pretty please? Weigh it on one side: 2/3rd of subject n 1/3rd background or vice versa.

    Unless, the pix is for … i don’t know … taken by an amateur?

  2. 16. The Rule of Thirds – whether you know it to follow it or break it – it’s something you should at least know about.

    17. Points of Interest – an image without some visual point of interest in it is unlikely to hold the eye of anyone viewing it.

    AND HERE, ANOTHER VERIFICATION, and it’s titled, RATHER EMBARRASSINGLY: “21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know” NEW HAHA, U R HARDLY NEW AMBER THE ting ting!!!!

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