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A pictorial blog.
You read less here and get to look at all the super duper beautiful photographs I take.

I’m Amber Khoo (邱素婷).

I love photography, gaming and music.

I’m a listener. I rarely talk a lot but it’s a whole different story when I’m fatigued or hungry. I look like an big fat grump to everyone but I’m absolutely friendly and approachable. Really!

I spend most of my time at home on my computer gaming and editing photographs. I’m a Jill of All Trades. Sometimes, I tend to do everything myself. Selfish perfectionist. Psh.

An adventurous child when I want to. On occasions, I do waterfall hikes and camping.

One of the best parts of my life is doing food reviews with my mummy dearest. I’ve been tagging along ever since I was a little girl and it is always a joy to eat good food with good company. Also, I used to write for Niexter @ News Straits Times and my food photographs were published twice weekly for 5 years since 2008 in Life & Times section.


Becoming a Samsung Evangelist for a year.
Had great fun leading an all-girls League of Legends team.
Facilitated a newbie photography workshop.
Facilitated food photography workshops in Auckland.
Climbed Kapiti Summit without crying or disintegrating!

Not-so-Bizarre Facts

Sashimi (or cheese!) is my idea of dessert at buffets.
I am terrible at fashion. I often look like a toad wearing a 5 layered ruffled rainbow dress with puffy sleeves.
I always find time to play video games daily. No matter how ‘busy’ I get.

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