Less Blue, More Pink

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 I’m not too sure if I liked the outcome, really. It’s very bubblegum Barbie doll-ish. Besides, the ‘blue’ has some sort of green hue to it. So i have 4 colours on my ends right now. Turquoise/Green, Blue, Purple and Pink.
It’s too much for me. Gonna try to wash it out a lil’ to make it pastel.
What do you guys think? I personally liked my fiery hair more. Sadly, red dyes don’t last as long as other colours and it frustrates me.

 This is how I YOLO-dye my hair every time (EXCEPT BLEACHING, THAT BURNS ME). I don’t quite give any thoughts about the difficulty to wash the dye off my skin. I should go dig out an old shirt to paint on next time…

 For those who are interested, here’s how the La Riché Directions hair dye bottles look like.
I used Cerise and Midnight Blue.


My hair is being stubborn. It doesn’t want to flip on me.

 Oh, and I broke my tripod attachment thing and my camera fell onto my glasses. Brilliant. Luckily, my glasses are fixable. YEAH, GO GO 3 YEAR OLD NERD GLASSES.

The Arrival of The New Ride!

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It was a super sweet deal at Mightyape. $99 for this MGP VX3 Pro.
Check out the other Madd products here!

Of course.. What do I know about scooters? I had one when i was about 10 and I had the worst accident by hitting the kitchen wall (It sucks that I was only allowed to practice it within the house).
I still have the nasty scar from that accident on my right knee. What was I thinking??!? Riding a scooter at full speed in the house! BRILLIANT IDEA, 10 YEAR OLD AMBER.

Nevertheless, I can assemble this with ease. 😛

Woo woo! See? I told you I can do it. And please, refrain from judging my floral boxer shorts.

I can’t wait to take it out for joy rides after tomorrow’s exam (Yes, an exam on a Saturday).

Featured in Debate Magazine!

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I sent some of my work and a link to my flickr to the editorial of Debate, my university weekly magazine. They loved my photos and decided to feature my work for this week’s issue and use one of my pictures as the front cover. It feels pretty sweet to have my work published on it. I grabbed 4 copies straight. I had to! It was the sanest thing anyone would do.