Chinese New Year à la Mary Quant

In a few hard blinks, it’ll be Chinese New Year!! This year, it’s gonna be different because I’m going to be in New Zealand during CNY!

It’s sort of a triple celebration of Chinese New Year, my sister’s marriage and me being able to study in AUT, Auckland for 2 years! Although, I’m still not quite sure if the last one should be considered a celebration.. I kinda miss everyone in Malaysia AND Singapore already..

。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 (It’ll be so funny if people actually cry like this..)

Anyway, let’s not get all soppy, shall we? CNY is a happy festival. Celebrate and wish for happiness, prosperity and longevity! We’re celebrating CNY in the most different manner this year, so why not blog about it? Right? RIGHT! I recently got this Mary Quant Lipstick that I want to wear during CNY (And make my mum and sister wear them too). Everyone’s gonna think I’m a walking firecracker.

On the 2nd day of CNY, it’ll be my sister’s wedding. I’d be wearing this retro looking dress. The lipstick matches the dress perfectly. If you disagree with me, I don’t know which planet you come from.
if you’re wondering.. Yes, I took the photos in the kitchen. I like the kitchen very much and everyone associates me and my gaming habits in the kitchen, so it HAS to be in the kitchen since it was the last day in Malaysia for me.

My sister’s wedding will be on the 2nd day of CNY, and guess whose doing her makeup? *Points at myself* YES, she’s gonna be my Barbie Bride-to-be.

My mum’s wearing this beautiful red cheong sam for the wedding and I convinced her to use the same Mary Quant lipstick. What do you know? It pairs perfectly.

Red hot Amber! Tsk. Triple, baby! You could tie your hair into a high ponytail and make the lips stand out more. Makes you look less messy anyway.
The temperature in New Zealand now is about.. 15-20°C, so I’m gonna put this french coat on. So diva right? *flips hair*

The one I have is R-01 (SCINTILLATION). It’s not blood red but slightly lighter which is good for Chinese New Year. Imagine the situation(s)..

You visit your relatives and friends’ houses, yum cha and eat some snacks (And get some ang paos), if you have blood red lips, you would have to keep reapplying to make sure it looks even and still.. Blood red. This Mary Quant lipstick kinda just stays.. While you can just be yourself and make conversations with family and friends without constantly worrying about reapplying your lipstick.

Next blog entry will be on our little family trip to Rotorua OR Laneway Festival. PROMISE!

The Yearly Haircut

A little late on my blog entry today. I wanted to go cut my hair first before I blog about it because it was time I cut my hair.. It’s been almost a year since I last cut it anyway and it was starting to get too long, frizzy and messy.

I hate going to the hair salon. But I have to go… So, I did. I went to Fabulous, next to Pickle and Fig in Taman Tun. The last time I went there to cut my hair (2 years ago, oh my), they did a fantastic job. This time I entrusted them with my overgrown mane once more. Of course, they didn’t disappoint. I’m really, really happy that they didn’t disappoint me. I cut off my blonde ombre ends and did hair relaxing and treatment. It came up to about RM550 but it’s worth it for another year at least. The whole process was about 4 hours. Including the hair cut, hair relaxing and the hair treatment. Please don’t tell me I look like I have the same hair as before, just shorter. My hair’s healthier and more manageable. It’s different.

Nick, the guy who did my hair for me took the time and effort to find out on my daily routines with my hair, what kind of look I’m trying to achieve and he made sure I was comfortable at the salon. I asked him about the process of hair relaxing and he told me that it’s actually all about the cream. The chemical they apply on the hair. I wouldn’t know the proper terms and all, neither does he wants to bore me with them so he explained it in layman’s terms. He also explained why he only applies the cream not too near the roots and leaves out an inch at the ends (Only applying that 1 inch after 15 minutes). It’s just so that the hair would be overall straight but still a lil’ wavy at the ends. He knew what I wanted. I’m really happy about that. I wouldn’t want the unnatural straight hair. That’s just ugly. This is something slightly closer to my natural hair, which is a good thing when my hair starts to grow..

Because I spent so much on my hair this time round, my mum requested to touch my hair every once in a while. That was quite funny.

He curled the ends for me slightly just so my hair doesn’t look too flat out. Great! Because I’m attending a birthday dinner tonight too. Perfect!

Way better off than my damaged hair in the picture below.

I’m gonna miss my long hair.. But hair will grow, it’s OKAY.

X-Ray, Shopping and Self Shoot

I had a pretty interesting week.

Also, I went to do my Chest X-Ray at Sea Park earlier this week.

It was so cooooool. My first X-Ray. Hahah. I’m such an excited rabbit. She asked me to change into this blue robe that only covers the front. I had to stand facing this mechanism against the wall and pose like a little chicken . She reminds me of my dance instructor, straightening my back and putting my hands at my waist, elbows forward. Then she asked me to breathe in really hard and hold my breath when she gives the signal.

After that, mum had to go to the bank to do some stuff for my visa as well. In return of the whole day spent on my visa documents, I had to wash the car in the evening. Fair trade. I kinda do enjoy washing the car once in a while. (I repeat, once in a while.)

I went shopping with Dee last Friday too, wearing my favourite beanie bought by my close friend from Singapore. While shopping, I found this really pretty white laced corset bra at Forever 21. It costs RM40… Oh why..

When we stepped into H&M..

Dee: We’re gonna focus on finding a cropped top first.
Me: Okay.
*2 seconds later*

Life with Deirdre Wong.

Anyway, we couldn’t find any nice cropped tops since it’s Autumn/Winter season everywhere (Gee, why bother when it’s Malaysia) so I gave her a cropped top and a pinafore skater skirt for her birthday. She fits the cropped top perfectly. D: Lucky girl for being so petite.

Tuesday Giveaway!

Hey guys! It’s Tuesday! That means it’s Giveaway Day!

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Christmas Giveaway!

Hey guys! Christmas is a month away! Santarina Amber is hosting a weekly giveaway every Tuesday till Christmas comes!

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– Qualified for readers currently living in KL/Selangor.
– All requirements must be fulfilled, make sure the Facebook post is set to PUBLIC.
– The winner will be announced by the end of each week via Facebook PM and announcement on my profile.
– If the winner does not reply within 48 hours, he/she will be disqualified and passed on to the 2nd person in line.

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