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I received my Beaubox last Monday after attending their official launch at d’Italiane, Paradigm Mall. I met the founder, Kelvin Tan there too. He’s very friendly and explained briefly about Beau Box to me. (Plus point for Beau Box!) He told me that Beaubox is the first subscription beauty box that offers 4 full sized products and founded in Malaysia, and will accept customers internationally (Soon! Or probably already available. I’m not 100% sure).

Well, I’ve done my research last time on beauty boxes during my internship. I had a comparison chart for about 8 beauty boxes with their prices, pros & cons, number of products and etc. Gee, I was quite hardworking at that. Anyway, that was almost 9 months ago. Now, there’s this baby in the market! It’s my very first beauty box, despite all the research I have done, I’ve never really purchased any. LOL.

Beaubox is pronounced as ‘BO BOX’, not Beau in Beautiful.

Actually, the word ‘Beau’ means boyfriend/male admirer. So Beaubox can be your life companion…. 😛

Like how my Samsung Galaxy S4 is my life companion.

Well, ‘Beau’ in Beaubox is beautiful in French (No shit, anyone could’ve guessed).
E.g: C’est beau ! (It’s beautiful!)

It’s a really simple pink recyclable cardboard box that you can do lots with, I’ll do a special feature on that in another entry. It’s gonna be fun, fun fun.

There are 3 subscription plans.

To sum it up:

– RM89 per month for Monthly Plan and 3 Month Plan
– RM445 for 6 Month Plan, you save on 1 month’s beaubox (RM89)

Here’s the link to the subscription page.

In Beauty Box, you will receive a minimum of 4 full sized products. Yes! FULL SIZED PRODUCTS. This is the reason why Beaubox is unique.

In their debut box, named ‘Bare Beauty’ (Products worth of RM595!) will be available for orders now and will be sent in December.

Rain Maker Serum 

I’m quite amused with the name of the hydrating serum. Rain Maker. Make rain on your face? Or.. Tears! D: Okay, I’m getting a little lame.
Well, I assume Rain Maker emphasises the fact that it really, really hydrates your skin with the Hyaluronic Acid. I’ve not tried it long enough to be able to tell if it works yet. Give me a week or two. (:

Wonder Powder (RM79)

Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF 15! Gee, the price of this is almost equivalent to 1 month’s Beaubox subscription.

Stare Palette (RM149)

Basic earth toned colour palette. Perfect for everyday use. If you apply eyeshadow very often that is. I really like the colours though.. Too bad, I’m an eyeliner girl. I’d probably use this for dinner events though. Smokey eyes are never out of trend.

Gorgeous eh?

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush (RM69)

This is my favourite product in the Beaubox. I really hate wearing lipsticks. Yes, red lipstick makes a girl look like a bombshell but because I’m a lazy ass, I don’t drink enough water and I don’t apply enough lip balms (Especially to bed), my lips crack a lot! Wearing lipstick over cracked lips are the worst.. Especially blood red lipstick. It looks super gross.. Besides, they never really stay on long because I would be eating or drinking away the lipstick.

This is quite a good deal for me as it’s a lip colour plus hydrating lip balm! Yay!
2 points for the 1st Beaubox!

Last note: They have points system – BB Points so don’t forget, when you have enough BB Points, you can redeem awesome products! (Terms & Conditions apply)


Kiss Me Beneath The Milky Twilight

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Goodies from the first prize hamper and door gift from the Kiss Me Party. So many products, I’ve yet to try any of them, neither do I know which one to start with!

Kid’s UV Sunblock, Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong, Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream and Heavy Rotation Natural Beige Face Designing Loose Powder

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Gel Eyeliner, Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheeks , Heavy Rotation Mega Volume Mascara N (Enamel Black), Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara and Eyelash Comb

Kiss Me Medicated Lip Cream, Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence, Kiss Me Moisture Hand Cream

Cotton pieces, Kiss Me Towel, Kiss Me Vouchers and Kiss Me Hair Clip

We Killed The Sun! @ Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon Party

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After the Johnnie Walker Circuit Night, I was so exhausted! Especially when I had a morning event at Sunway Lagoon, I was knocked out pretty fast. But, boy, it was worth getting up at 7am!

As we were driving to the Sunway Hotel Carpark, we saw a huge crowd outside the entrance to Sunway Lagoon. Apparently some Family Day was being held on the same day, same place! Thank goodness we were quite early and easily found a parking lot!

Almost everyone kept asking me whether Dee was my sister! Well, that’s probably because we both French braided our hair and wore white cropped tops, shorts and slipper.

After the registration, we were ushered to a private area with wooden tables and chairs near Zazu Beach Bistro. They set up some of their Kiss Me makeup products and mirrors on each table where we did our own makeup while some of the inexperienced ladies had the Kiss Me girls to do their makeup.

Waterproof Mascara, Waterproof Liquid Liner and Waterproof Gel Liner by Kiss Me

After using their cleansing lotion and face powder on my eyes, I did my usual double winged eyeliner using their waterproof gel liner and liquid liner on top. After that, I curled my lashes and used minimal mascara on the top and bottom lashes. After we were done, Dee and I went over to Sui Ying and Angie’s table to chit chat while waiting. We were discussing on why didn’t Kiss Me provide us sunscreen or maybe BB cream with SPF which we found out why during the first challenge.

After a short while, we were briefed by the Head Marshal and led to Lake Kariba for our very first challenge! (He initially wanted us to jump into the REAL LAKE with super dirty water and fishes as our first challenge) We had to decide our team name (Theme: Any living creature in the water) and war cry there and then! We were so excited! We thought and thought, at first we came up with funny creatures like Pufferfish, Seahorses.. And then we finally chose Catfish! We didn’t want a fancy pansy or long war cry, so our simple war cry was ‘Catfish, Catfish, MEOOWWW!’ All of the marshals at the various checkpoints looked at us weirdly whenever we performed our war cry….

The first person in our team will automatically be the team leader, says the Head Marshal. Tsk. Dee was in front, so she became our Captain!

Team Catfish
Dee – Combat Baby (Captain)
Amber – Firelyamber
Sui Ying – SuiyingK
Angie – NgieBear

1st Challenge

The captains had to jump into Lake Kariba, swim around to get the KissMe Sunkiller Perfect Strong sunscreen and see the marshal nearby. There were so many girls, it was a little difficult for Combat Baby. Especially when she was at the far edge of the pool. The first team who got to the marshal won 10 points! Lucky them..

After that, we were given an envelope and further briefed while we were applying the sunscreen we have obtained from Lake Kariba. We didn’t had much time so we just simply applied everywhere we could on each other while listening to the marshal’s instructions. We had to get back to the meeting point at 12.40pm, giving us about an hour to complete our checkpoints.

When he pressed the horn, all the girls just disappeared into the big sea of people. We opened the envelope and quickly devised a strategy. YEP, WE ACTUALLY PLANNED FIRST. We quickly head over to the Surf Beach entrance to get a map The first map we took was in Tamil, we were so blur. LOL. Anyway, we laid down the map and started to pin point the 8 possible checkpoints. This must be some effect from me and Combat Baby’s gaming lifestyle, making us such competitive strategists.. Lololol.

I was the navigator, so everyone followed me. Even if I walked to the wrong place. 😛

Check Point 1 – Kayaking

*Two teammates has to kayak to make an infinity sign around the two floats in the lake.

SuiyingK and Ngiebear did the kayaking while Combat Baby and I took a second look at the map and planned where to go next.

While I was concentrating on the map, Combat Baby told me that the other two catfish were rocking the kayak like a pro!

Check Point 2 – ATV Ride

We went to the wrong way, actually walking to the ATV trail, thinking the checkpoint is somewhere there, but after a while, we all felt it wasn’t the right place, it hit me. I remembered where the ATV checkpoint was. Luckily, we didn’t have to go on the ATV Ride, saving us quite a lot of time, we performed our war cry to the marshal and headed to our next check point.

Combat Baby: Tsk! You come here very often, don’t you?
Hehe, my last visit to Sunway Lagoon was sometime last year, so I remembered how to get to certain places. Extra advantage. 😀

Check Point 3 – Creepy Crawlies (Rimba)

We knew we were going to an insect zoo.. But we didn’t really think about what we were gonna do there. When the marshal uncovered the box …. All of us just yelled out simultaneously.

*Each member has to find two Scrabble alphabets from a container filled with a couple of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Then spell out the word with the alphabets found.

Okay, I made it sound so easy. LOL. Being the competitive strategists, team work was probably our strongest point. SuiyingK and Firelyamber would search for the alphabets and place it furthest away from the insects for Ngiebear and Combat Baby before searching for ourselves. The cockroaches made a lot of noise but they don’t bite or anything.

After that, we had to put back the letters for the net team. We made sure it was hidden underneath the a bunch of cockroaches. HEHE.

Check Point 4 – Davy Jones’ Locker

*Ride the Pirate’s Revenge!

I always hated this ride because of how tight they squash you with those protection stuff. They pressed onto half of my boobs and my rib cage. Yes, yes.. I know it’s for safety reasons, but it is the reason why I’d want to puke after the ride. ):

Anyway, we were having conversations during the ride. AMAZING. I don’t know how we did it, but we did. Minimal screamos and proper conversations. But when we were almost upside down, we screamed. When we got down, I think we completely forgot what we were talking about. The only bit I remembered was we were discussing on why we are having conversations during a ride. Then after the ride, we complained about why didn’t we strategize during the ride? Haha. Hahah. Competitive bitches, huh? 😛

Check Point 5 – Scream Park

We were initially looking for the native-related checkpoint but ended up going to the Scream Park first. We sought the marshal and jumped the queue at the entrance of Horrorwood Studios 2: The Zombie Apocalypse.

*Walk through the Scream Park.

This time round, SuiyingK said she was easily scared, so Combat Baby and Ngiebear held her tightly as we went along the route. I experienced the same layout of that scream park, so I had a rough idea of what goes on in there (What a cheat, gee, but I didn’t give tips to my teammates. HEH), so I led the way. It was so, so dark. Almost complete darkness, I swear. I was the blind leading the scared and screaming blind. While leading the way, the smoke played tricks on me, making illusions of human figures occasionally on my left and front. Other than that, it was all good. The girls at the back got the most jump scares.

Check Point 6 – Stupid Native Weapon

We finally figured that it was the Tomahawk. The Red Indian named Abachi was a mischievous little red Indian. We had a choice to ride the Tomahawk or solve the Rubik’s Cube. We chose the Tomahawk, but then realized it was a hassle, so we opted for the Rubik’s Cube. We only had to solve 1 side, so it was relatively easy. I remembered partially on how to solve it, so I followed Combat Baby’s advice – Try to remember as I do and successfully managed to solve one side. Abachi kept pressuring me, my mind almost went blank!

Check Point 7 – Puoooonggg!

It took us a while to find the marshal. Who would’ve known the marshal was dressed in a smoking hot animal skin outfit with face paint!

*Ride the Vuvuzuela

The hot marshal said we had 10 minutes left and the only way to get the stamp from her is to ask for permission to cut queue and be the first in line.

No shit was given at 12.30pm, Firelyamber took the lead and excused her team all the way to the top. I must have said ‘Excuse Me’ at least 30 times, with Combat Baby echoing ‘Excuse me, event’ and showing our event band. They were all definitely mad at us.. Luckily the person in charge let us go first! We were so lucky, I swear! Till now, I still feel so bad that we cut a long, long, longgggggggggg queue.

The Vuvuzuela was fun! SuiyingK was right, this was the best way to end our race even though we missed out 1 checkpoint.

Meeting The Head Marshal

We were the first to get back to see the Head Marshal. After he counted our stamps, we were free to go freshen up, change our clothes and head into the bistro for lunch. Luckily we were on time! We found out later that points would be deducted for every minute passed 12.40pm.


Just before we went to change. Make up still looks good. :O (WATERPROOF MAKEUP SO *OP)

*OP- Overpowered

Lunch & Pampering Session

They had croissants, rice, chicken curry and etc. I loved the croissant. It was really delicious.

Nail Parlour Section

After we ate, Dee and I did our manicures. I guess I was unlucky, I got an inexperienced nail artist, I couldn’t really hear her.. Neither could I understand what I could or could not do.. Oh well..

The nail dryer they provided was pretty cool. It blows out cold air when you place your hands underneath it.

Mine on the left (So plain huh? I should have just told her I wanted a French Manicure.. Dee wanted to do her nails for Tiesto that night, so her nails were all about glitter.

After our manicures, we went over to the photo booth to take pictures.
Me and Yuki (Left); Dee, me, Sui Ying and Angie (Center); Me and Dee (Right)

At about 3, they were ready to announce the winners of the race. 2 consolation prizes, 3rd, 2nd and 1st place. Guess what!!!!!

Team Catfish won first place!

WOO! My teammates thought I was crazy when I responded to the MC. I was so positive and confident, I blurted out fierce replies to the MC.

MC: Which team do you think it is?
Me: TEAM 14!!!!!!
MC: I don’t see any Team 14 here..

Team Catfish  ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
Sui Ying, me, Deirdre & Angie
We were all so exhilirated! Sui Ying also mentioned it was her first time winning something! We were all so happy. I guess our strategy worked. 😀

After all the excitement, we took a group photo, split the hamper among the 4 of us and Dee and I left early because she had to go for Tiesto.

Many thanks to Manoah Consulting and Kiss Me for this wonderful experience.
Most photographs credits to Kiss Me
Other photographs taken with Samsung Galaxy S4.

My makeup still looks great huh? Even after half day of running.

Despite how good my makeup looks after a day of sweating around, I was super tired. It’s good to just go all out once in a while, considering how I don’t exercise as much.

Till the next entry! (:
I’ll do another post about what I’ve got from the prize hamper and goodie bag!

BCL’s Kawaii Makeup Workshop – Shibuya Girl!

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I had so much fun at the makeup workshop last Sunday. It was my first makeup workshop and I really learnt a lot from Mr. Tanabe from Japan. Although… Personally, I don’t like putting a lot of makeup on myself (Or rather I don’t know how to do it the right way)

A Before-Makeup Picture.

Our workstation! (: (Gee, I need to learn how to take proper panaromas that won’t distort the table. Hahah)

Don’t these look so cute? 😀


Mr. Tanabe started of with foundation powder and then they eyebrows. I swear, I don’t know a thing about using an eyebrow pencil..


I swear, at certain angles, I can make myself looking like a monkey.

After that, he continued with the eyeshadow, gel eyeliner and liquid eye liner respectively. Look at the eyeshadow pencil above! It’s soft and spongy and super easy to apply.  


After that he taught us to put on mascara of 3 very different types. Starting with the Volume Lash Fiber, Lash Curler Express and finishes off with Lash Sculpture

He put it on the other bloggers and we can see the hugeeeeeeeeeee difference! :O


Look! Left side is with all 3 mascaras applied.


This one has a huge difference too!

After the makeup workshop, they gave us chocolates that they brought all the way from Tokyo! So sweet of them!


With Yeeing


So this is my sort of end product. Acting so 可爱 (Cute) right. Only know how to act, but in real life, so rough and un-ladylike.
I didn’t exactly have much time to do my makeup (Also skipped the blusher) and listen to Mr. Tanabe at the same time. I was too intrigue at what he’s saying. All the tips he has shared with us are really useful. One of the tips, he said I should blend dark brown and light brown for my eyebrows to match my hair (Of course, not too extreme). Also, he said, while using the Lash Curler Express, when you reach the end of your lashes, hold for 3 seconds .


The workshop lasted for about two hours. They gave us a bag with lots of goodies inside!


They gave us an eyeshadow, gel eyeliner pencil, mascara and a face wash that can remove natural makeup. Oh! And they gave this little limited edition mascara!

Eyeshadow, Eye Liner and the Mascara.

The limited edition mascara.

The Tsururi  Ghassoul Paste! I have yet to try this. Will make sure I do another blog post about this! (:

DIY Dip Bleached Ends

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Bye bye natural colour. I camwhored a lot before I bleached my hair because I was pretty reluctant to bleach my hair. At the same time, I couldn’t wait to get my bleach ends back ._.

Miao …



Szen came over and drove us out to buy the bleach.

Disturbing her when she driving.



Bought the bleach and developer from Hair Depot nearby my house, prepared a bunch of things and bleach we go!

This is how I separate my hair. Szen said I look like some Pocahontas-like girl.

Szen helped out cause I couldn’t really do it nicely on my own.


It got tedious, so we ended up just drowning my ends into the bleach. Then we wrapped it in plastic bag..

This is how it looks after the second bleach. Sorry, I look a lil retarded here. Probably cause I ain’t satisfied with it.


And this is the end product! (After the 3rd bleach)
You guys probably think I’m crazy for bleaching it thrice, but I had a lot of leftover bleach and I didn’t think it was enough after the 2nd time. So voila! This will be it till the next time I chop my hair off. Again .

All photographs taken with Samsung Galaxy S4. Szen said the picture quality rocks. I think so too! (:
Main camera has 13 Mega pixel with no shutter lag, and the front camera is a 2 mega pixel camera that’s complete with a full hd recording ! Awesome, don’t you think?