Napier, New Zealand

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So…. We reached Napier on Thursday and we explored.

Had my first cronut. Croissant + Doughnut. Well, it is veryyyy interesting…

Awesome room I have in Napier. (:
Although, I take up like 30 percent of space on the bed. Lol.

On Saturday, we stopped by Craggy Range Winery before heading to Cape Kidnappers.

The vineyards look so amazing.

But mists were all we could see on the mountains…

And a big white canvas replaced the sky.

So I resorted to photographing these. Not a bad idea eh?

At Cape Kidnappers, this was our beautiful view. LOL. Well, I liked it that it was foggy. It gave the whole place a different look. It’s a nice change from always having the perfect cloud-less sky and perfect view of EVERYTHING.


Gannets. Their terrible landings were quite a funny sight.

A Bunch of Other Stuff , Taupo, New Zealand

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Day 1

At the prawn farm near Taupo, along the Waikato River.
The waters are really, really clear. The algae just spoils the photo, that’s all.

Baby prawns.

Baby prawn feeding!

We were so determined! We were gonna catch buckets full of prawns!

Hours went by and we had 1. Well, to be fair, we had 2 but the smaller one jumped out without us noticing. I don’t know how, but it ran away. And I caught those prawns! Yes, me, me, me!

Proof of my 2 prawnies.

Mum looks way more excited than I am.

Look at me.. I had that, I’m-so-sad-but-I-have-to-kill-and-eat-my-new-pet face.

It looked prettier cooked.
My sister: Murderer!!!!


Back at our motel, where this little girl was just sitting outside, sleeping??!?

Day 2

The river water nearer to Huka Falls was incredibly blue-er!

Booking Office for the river cruise. Nice..

We had a lot of time, so we were watching water gushing out of the dam. Lifeless, we are. But it was gorgeous. We came up with all sorts of stories. Like…poor fishies took the whole morning to swim up here to get washed down stream by the stupid dam.

On the Huka Falls River Cruise

 He had the whole ceiling filled with currency from all over the world!

 Chinese eyes and sunnies

 NORMAL eyes.

 Tornado wannabe clouds

Huka Falls.

It’s like Milk Falls.

 After that, we stopped by the amazing glass blowing studio by Lyden Over for lunch and a live ‘show’. Technically, this guy is working.

When we reached Waikanae, we were so tired. I sat in the sun all the way (4 hour ride from Taupo). Sucked to be me in the car ride.

We had a fabulous dinner, met the extended Wiggs family and had a blast! We even played fireworks. Awesome new experience for Chinese New Year 2014.

Miss Sunshine Lara Wiggs

Totally fit for each other.

Auckland #2

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 In honour of the Orpheus Disaster (The New Zealand’s worst sea disaster)
Out of 259 men, 189 lost their lives..


Knock, knock!
After the Maritime Museum, we went to Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World and we were greeted first by penguins!

 Look at that! So friggin’ cute.

 Sorry, bro.. Don’t have to stare at me like that.. ):

I could just stand by the jelly fish and snap their photos all day. They looked so gorgeous, gentle and graceful..

 Hermit Crab

I’d call this one the Starry Sea Horse.

Anemomenenoe (Anemone) and a tiny fish. I can never remember how to pronounce it.

 After the Sea Life exploration, we walked along the coast line to get a drink and some food.

A platter of mussels.


After dinner, we waited for abt an hour and a half for a seat at Milse. The most amazing dessert restaurant ever.

 I ordered Blueberries.
Can you believe it? You would only know the ingredients to your dessert.

We ordered almost everything except the Cherries.





Next entry is on Laneway Festival! 😀