Meet Maryna from Ukraine.

Had a fun casual shoot. We walked all the way to Silo Park. It was really sunny, perfect weather for a shoot!

Miss Sunshine

So… I tripped over my heater and broke my toe nail and it bled (Who knew it could hurt me so bad), my nose decided it was a good idea bleed in the middle of the night and my period thought, oh hell, why not join in the fun!
Summary of my blood week. Mmmhm. I want to strangle something/someone right now.

Apparently, Some Bunny Loves Me.

Some Bunny Loves Me Beanie from Glassons ($16.99)

I am such a kid.

Lady Pink

So it’s my 3rd day back in Auckland and I am out of new photos. So I decided to take out the new dress I got from Phat Culture and take some self portraits. The wind compliments the dress beautifully. Perfect dress for Valentine’s Day, girls. (;


You’ll notice the dying plants eventually.. Or maybe that was the first thing you would see. Hah.

A Bunch of Other Stuff , Rotorua, New Zealand

At Mercure Hotel, Auckland

 At Agrodome, Rotorua

 Super cool tractor that took us a ride around the farms in Agrodome.


 BABY alpaca.

 She’s 2 days old and this big. Amazing.

 We all thought it was so adorable.

 It could even do a selfie with me.

 Fur Cut!

 What’s up, dawg?

Deers hate selfies. Must remember that.

 At Te Puia, Rotorua

 By the time you pronounce that correctly…

The water ther is hot. Super, duper steaming hot.

 Bubbling mud pools.

 Overload on food at Pig and Whistle.

 The curly fries were awesome.

 So was this cheesy pasta. I forgot what it was though.. Mum ordered it.

Rotorua Museum

Lavender. So lovely, aren’t they?

More hot steamin’ pools.

 On the way to the roof top, there were plenty of rainbows to pass through. Felt so rainbow blessed.

360 degrees panorama shot from the roof top.

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