Happy Monday everyone!

Hope everyone’s bright and cheery today. I’m trying to update my blog as often as I can with lots of photographs. This post has a little bit of everything though, a lil’ update on my life in Auckland right now.

Yes! More construction going on to beautify the view from my balcony!

But it’s okay, I still get great sunset views every day.

Last photo of my fiery hair before I dye them to another colour! I have 6 colours to choose from. Tsk, can you guess what colours I’m doing next?

Check out my new DIY knife holder. I wanted to do a magnetic one to save space (Since the kitchen area isn’t very big) but the magnets I bought were totally useless and I couldn’t find any stronger magnets. Japan Dollar Shop and Daiso was out of magnets. Boohoo.
So I resorted to this super duper cheap and heavy knife holder. All you need is a vase/container and lots of pasta. I used 6 and a half bags of cheap spaghetti (500g each). In total I spent about $10. I’m glad I didn’t buy a vase made of glass. Otherwise it would be so much heavier and a pain to move around when I clean the kitchen area. This shall do until I find a prettier container and have enough time and some rubbing alcohol to dye the pasta!

Cheesy potato ready to go into the microwave!
I’m still afraid of the oven. So I’m sticking to the microwave until the day the oven stops scaring me.

On Saturday, I went down to Parnell and Epsom. Well, I got off the bus at Epsom, 4 stops too early… So I had to walk 4km to reach the PokeCenter that was hosting a Pokemon Tournament.
I didn’t regret my mistake one bit! Tsk, I walked pass Greenwoods Kitchen and I couldn’t resist. THE SMELL OF PIES AND PASTRIES. I bought a Spinach and Feta Quiche for $5.50 and it was awesome.

I caught a Pokemon at the PokeCenter. She’s a very talkative Torchic. She hogged my microphone right away. Cheeky girl..
Little dino couldn’t stand her voice and was desperately trying to turn the mic off.

I think I need a life.
A real one.

Made a new Globescape. This time with a different touch to it!
Next, I plan to do one inspired by white and blue china.
You can check out the other Globescapes here. :D

Mexican Cafe, 67 Victoria St West


 Complimentary tortilla chips and salsa!

Limelight ($12.50)
Hayman’s Gin, fresh limes, Triple Sec and Midori
I don’t know what I was thinking, ordering a cocktail. A COLD drink on such a cold day. It was a good spend though.

BURRITO ($10.00)
A soft flour tortilla filled with cheese, onion, tomato, sour cream, coriander, jalapeno chillies,
beans, guacamole and a choice of chicken, beef or vegetarian filling.
Served with a salad garnish.

It’s absolutely amazing. For a small Chinese girl’s stomach, it’s super filling too. I almost couldn’t finish it! Especially with the free tortilla chips with the most amazing salsa. I didn’t quite like the salad garnish though.. It was a pitiful bunch of vegetables.

Mexican Cafe

67 Victoria St West
Auckland Central


Open daily
(09) 373 2311

Food Pictures, Finally.

So I finally got some initiative to take some photographs of food this weekend. Just a short lil’ food post for this week. I have loads of assignments to do. And there’s Diablo 3. Tsk.

Sunny side up pasta I made for dinner on Saturday. Simple but so awesome.

On Sunday, I went over to my sister’s place for dinner.



Awh, doesn’t it look so good?

And then we have this. The explosive blueberry cheese cake. It’s very delicious despite it’s looks.


Fancy being on top? Ladies Night @ Signature, The Roof

Yesterday, I was reading taufulou and annna’s blog post about the Ladies Night at Signature. I wished I could go!!

I’d like to meet their hunks too.  :C UPDATE: Look at these hunks yo! I pulled out a couple of photos from Signature’s Facebook page.


 Oh myy! Who wouldn’t want to go to the Ladies Night now??

Look at those cocktails! These are the 5 cocktails that were available that week.. They change weekly. OMG. I definitely want to go there weekly with my girlfriends just to chill! Besides, it’s only RM25 nett per cocktail! Photo credits to taufulou

 Signature @ The Roof

1 First Avenue Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya

Framed Eggs

So I made framed eggs for dinner last night. OH, HOW I THOUGHT IT WAS EASY TO MAKE IT LOOK PRETTY.

I used a glass cup to cut out a perfect circle.

 I want to make 2 different framed eggs. This bowl contains an unbeaten egg.

 And this one, I added a tablespoon of milk and beat the egg.

Some cheddar to burn on the pan later.

 So I pan fry the bread separately to make it toasty.

 Then I added in the egg… AND EVERYTHING WAS A MESS AFTER.

Look at that.. The picture above look so gorgeous. Then I just had to flip it over and destroyed it. I couldn’t even photograph what I was doing because I had to make sure I don’t burn the bread. Or the eggs. Or cheese.

 So voila, the end products. The sunny side framed egg look so sad. ):

As for the cut out breads, I dipped them into the egg mixture and pan fried it with cheese. I must say, I liked that better than the framed eggs.

It’s so embarrassing making such ugly food but it tasted good, so it doesn’t matter anymore. Hah.

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