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Chinese New Year Dinner @ Noble Mansion

Yee sang with grilled salmon belly and white truffle
I had 2 yee sangs so far for this year’s CNY. Both had paler natural colours because they didn’t want to use artificial colours.

They would pour a bowl of the white truffle powder when they serve. It makes the whole plate of yee sang look snowy, after you ‘lou’, it just kinda disappears.


Crispy Iceland Cod Fish with Mandarin Orange Cubes (RM18++ per portion)

Braised 8-Treasure Pig Trotter (RM98++)

Look at the treasure inside!

Braised Boston Lobster with Shanghai Rice Cake and Garlic (RM33++ per 100gram)
The lobster and rice cake were delicious. Stunning dish.

Stir-fried Glutinous Rice with Abalone in Pumpkin (RM48++ per portion)


Dinner @ Super Tanker, Damansara Kim

I thought I would never have a few slices of the best char siew ever again after my trip to Macau.

Double boiled soup with the best-est of the best ingredients.


Iberico Pork (Char Siew). Each piece just melts in your mouth, it makes you hate the red coloured ‘char siew’ so, so much. I never liked that kinda char siew.
THIS is what char siew should look like.

My first yee sang for CNY 2014. It’s pretty late actually, since we often do reviews before Christmas arrives. It looks a lil’ more dull than the usual yee sangs, but hey.. No artificial food colouring. Good for you.

First Day of 2014

So it’s 31st of December, 2013. Shall I do the mandatory ‘Achievements of 2013’? Yeah, why not.. I’d rather call them the highlights of 2013 though.


Deirdre and I did our second shoot together, photographed by Elaine Chooi.

Ate the most expensive slice of melon and orange for dessert at Kampachi.
RM75 for the melon, RM15 for the Keenakan orange.

Went to my first rave with Michelle Hor – We Love Asia 2013. That spells out Yolanda Be Cool, by the way.

Photographed one of my favourite girliest gamer friend, Chloe.

Attended Garena Carnival 2013 with my team, Mystical Angels where we hosted a showmatch against public gamers.
From left: Me, Chloe, Su Ann, Shirly and Sammy
Just a note, I’m no longer in Mystical Angels cause I’m going to study in NZ already.

Oh god, I even had a banner in the forum. Christ..


Learnt to make my own sushi during my stay at the PJ Hilton.


Went to ASOT 600. I skipped the next day’s FMFA though. 2nd rave! D: Well, come to think of it, I don’t find them as euphoric as it has been described by friends.
Photo by FMFA’s Facebook


My first trip on my own without family. I went there with Chloe. I took quite a lot of film shots here.. Check it out.


Went to Bali straight after my Singapore trip.

We had the most amazing stay at Diwangkara Holiday Villa. We were skinny dipping in our private pool every night because it was just so, so hot..
Day 1Day 2Day 3

Did my very first.. Bikini Hair Removal session …..

Did a shoot with Nicholas when he was starting to get more buff. (Album)


I did a shoot with Jolin when she just dyed her hair turquoise. (Album)

She’s like a short haired Hatsune Miku.

Thanks to Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting, I had a great opportunity to review the Samsung Galaxy S4 for a few months! I said goodbye to my Samsung S2 almost instantly.. :P

It’s also the month I finally bleached my hair, again. (Link)



I did a shoot for Phat Culture. A first for everything huh? This was my first fashion shoot.

For our school project, we visited PPKKCTM to do some art pieces with them.

OMG, I discovered the most amazing snack to eat during class too. Friggin’ cheesy fries for RM6. Swear, it’s the best thing I’ve ever discovered in Jaya One.


For Garena League of Legends Anniversary, I cosplayed as Nurse Akali as a favour. I had my best friend to accompany me.. I had quite a lot of haters on me that day. As much as people who supported me, so I was alright. I appreciate my supporters and my friends.

My favourite self shot of the month


Mum took me to Macau on the weekend before my birthday. On the job. LOL, not that I mind.

On my birthday, I had to go to school to finish up a college project. I don’t even….

My second fashion shoot. This time, with Tongue in Chic, featuring Annatasha Saifol.

A photograph I took that I absolutely love. I cannot not put this photo in this blog entry..

My special way of taking pictures with my classmates.


I actually managed to do a 30 Day Self Shoot Challenge.. D:

Did another hunk shoot with Nicholas. This time, with his cousins too. (Album)

Did a short shoot with Nicole, which turned out majorly a failure.. This is probably the best photo I took that day..

Learnt how to bake my own red bean buns. (Link)

Watched the finale of Windchimes in a Bakery in the cinema. LOL. Everyone cried, I swear. (Link)

Started to do self shoot more regularly.

Really, more often.


Had a lovely time learning basic makeup stuff from Mr. Tanabe.. And I’ve come to realize that I look like a big ass ape with thicker eyebrows. (Link)

I had an opportunity to test drive a Honda City Hybrid for 3 Days 2 Nights! (Link)

More self shoots

Back in Singapore again. (Link)

Did a shoot with Vania. (Link)

Our last special panorama photo together before Bryan left for UK.


Ate the most amazing Vietnamese baguette sandwiches. (Link)

Greatest achievement of the year. Just go read the blog entry. Go. NOW. (Link)

Oh my, Hennessy Artistry was so long ago??

Self shoots


Self shoots has been a thing for me.

Got a chance to attend the launch of Beaubox, AND review it. (Link)

And then, I got to review the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite. Oh god, what a mouthful ! (Link)


Went to the FMFA Pre-Party with DJ Chuckie.. Not that I’ve heard DJ Chuckie play long enough.. (Link)

Dee’s party was the biggest deal of course.. (Link)

Went to Singapore the next day after Dee’s birthday party and stayed for 2 weeks to do my visa. (Link | Link) Swear, I was so broke..

Self shoots.

Had my most expensive scrambled eggs ever.. (Link)

Did a shoot with Serene on the last day of 2013, my childhood friend. Known her for as long as I could remember.. Roughly 16 years.

That’s a wrap up for my 2013. What about yours?

Maison Francaise, KL

I don’t have much to say about this place.. It’s extremely expensive for someone my age. White table cloths, beautiful decor, a pool and a floor upstairs for private functions.

Just look at that beautiful setting.

They had interesting paintings hanging on their walls for sale too. These paintings here are inspired by the ‘Tank Man‘ at the Tiananmen Square protest.


This has to be one of the most expensive scrambled eggs I’ve ever eaten in my life. RM220 for the eggs and half a teaspoon of the caviar on top. Christ..

Mum and I went to Maison almost a month ago, so I don’t really remember all of the items. This was probably from their Christmas Menu.

Grilled Duck Breast with orange sauce (RM98)

Maison Francaise

5 Jalan Changkat Kia Peng
50450 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

Tel: 03 21441474

F Concept Dining By Buffalo @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

F Concept Dining By Buffalo is just upstairs of Chawan, opposite Bangsar Village. It feels like going to someone’s apartment for dinner. It looks fantastic, doesn’t it?

Going up the stairs, you would notice the chalk words at the side of the steps, welcoming you. (:

Pretty bouquet of lavender placed on the 2 edges of the table.

Duo of Crabs (RM32)
The crab cake was a lil’ dry, but the soft shell crab was really nice.

F Tapas Set (RM60)
Meant to share between 2 pax, there’s quite a lot of tapas there.

Mixed Warm Roasted Vegetable Salad (RM22/30)
A simple cooked vegetable salad consisting of carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, snow peas and potatoes. Did I mention how much I love zucchini?

Pot of Oriental Steam Clams (RM22)
This is my ideal comfort food. We ordered extra bread so we could dip in the extra soup. It was so, so good.

Tandoori Chicken Burger with Egg (RM28, RM3 per extra ingredient)
This is a very fusion burger that works perfectly. I love tandoori chicken, and having a tandoori chicken instead of fried chicken or a chicken patty is a beautiful change. I will definitely come back for this and the tapioca chips and the slice of avocado.

Oven Roasted Chicken Chestnut Roulade with Foie Gras, Shitake Mushroom & Velvet Mash Potatoes (RM37)
This was my favourite main course. Mum and I agreed that they used chicken thigh for the roulade, hence it wasn’t dry, it was super moist and juicy. 

Soft Shell Crab & Seafood Miso Carbonara (RM35)
They spiced up a carbonara by adding a lil’ miso in it. This was cream sauced spaghetti with a slight touch of Japanese and seafood. The seafood was really fresh though. I loved the prawns and mussels.

Squid Ink Risotto with Seafood (Specials of The Week)
I wish they would add this into the menu.. They said it was a lil’ difficult to get a constant supply of squid (For the squid ink of course). They added a lil’ bit of prawn roe in it, hence the greenish colour instead of black. I found this amazing, especially how the sundried tomatoes tones down the richness of the risotto.

Lime and Mint Sorbet
A really nice gesture by them.

Chocolate Volcano with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM18)
Better eat it before the ice cream melts! Ohh, and I love the presentation.

Home Made Tiramisu (RM18)
This was alright. It’s a pretty huge portion, so share it between 2 people (And maybe order another type of dessert to try, :P)

The coffee art for their latte is so unique! It’s a cat that looks like it’s being sucked into your mouth when you sip it. Heh, sounds crazy, but it’s kinda creative. :P

F Concept Dining By Buffalo

69-1, Jalan Telawi Tiga, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +60322011710, +60122090226


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