Ramen Taiko, Mont Kiara Shoplex

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I was so exhausted from travelling back from Singapore and going for a food review at night, but boy, no regrets. No regrets at all!

When mum and I reached the restaurant, we saw two outlets side by side. Ramen Taiko and Taiko Sushi and Salad Bar. Well, you can sit in Ramen Taiko and order from the Sushi and Salad Bar and vice versa.

Ramen Taiko makes me feel very homely. It’s not a huge restaurant but the food is spectacular for the price you pay.



Iced Lemon Green Tea
Their signature drink. It’s more refreshing than the ordinary Iced Lemon Tea.

Mini tofu appetizer
Absolutely appetite opening, a light sweet and sour dip.

Aigamo Smoke (RM18)
Fragrant smoked duck breast with scallions
Other than it’s a little bit dry, it’s quite flavourful and I wouldn’t mind ordering it again.

Taiko Gyoza (RM12)
Pan seared homemade pork dumplings with chives, cabbage, dried shrimps and turnip.
Thin and smooth dough skinned dumplings served with rice vinegar. Stujnning gyozas.

Taiko Buta Kakuni (RM25)
Signature braised pork belly with spices and light soy sauce
This would be perfect with some Japanese rice. It’s like comfort food, Saturday night on the couch, just rice and some braised pork belly. Gosh, heavenly, don’t you think?
Its a little salty on its own of course, because you’re meant to eat it with rice. Gosh, like I’ve said before.. I’m not the greatest food writer, I take better pictures than I can write.

Salmon Ginger Roll (RM30)
4 rolls with avocado, crab stick, cucumber and tobiko wrapped with salmon.
You’ve got to put the whole thing in your mouth. No time for dainty princesses and formality, stuff the whole roll into your mouth and blend it in your mouth. Hahah, okay, maybe not literally blend it, but mix it up to even out the flavours. It’s amazing.

Soft Shell Crab Maki (RM32)
Wrapped with Vietnamese rice paper is mango, crabstick, egg, the softshell crab.
I love this so much. It’s different from the usual maki with rice. Without the rice, it’ll make more room for other dishes.. Like their ramen . Heheh, I’ll come to that in a bit.

Taiko Chasu Ramen (RM22)
Signature curly egg noodles with mild pork broth topped with sliced Chasu, spring onion, soft boiled egg, bamboo shoot and sesame.
Springy noodles accompanied with aromatic pork broth. I love the noodles and the soft boiled egg. Perfectly done.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (RM20)
Milky white pork broth Ramen served with sliced Chasu, soft boiled egg, corn, bamboo shoot, fish cake, spring onion, grilled seaweed and sesame.
I don’t quite fancy the idea of the corns in it, but asides from the corn, the ramen is delicious. The soup is milky but it’s not too heavy.

Goma Hiyashi (RM25)
Cold Ramen with tomatoes, egg, BBQ pork, cucumber, crab sticks, corn, seaweed, yellow mustard and sesame, served with house sesame sauce.
This is my favourite ramen of all. Its like eating a salad ramen, with ramen noodles being the main ingredient. The sesame sauce matches perfectly with the cold ramen and the other ingredients makes the whole dish refreshing.

Curry Rice (RM18)
Rice served with Japanese curry with pork, potatoes and carrots, served with Miso soup.
As for those who aren’t so keen on ramen, they have their Japanese curry rice. This is decent curry with heavenly pork cubes but I still like the Chinese and Indian curries though.

Ramen Taiko Japanese Cuisine

Unit 15-0-2B & 2C, Mont Kiara Shoplex,
Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2096 1822

Opens daily
11.30am – 2.30pm
6pm – 10.30pm


Dinner & Mei-Xin Mooncakes @ Private Kitchen, Uptown Damansara

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Fresh mango & smoked duck breast in mango sauce
This definitely opens up my appetite! Go try it! It’s definitely worth it. Delicious duck breast meat accompanied with refreshing slightly young mango.

Crispy Fried Tofu with Salt & Pepper
This is very addictive. Especially with the chili sauce dip. *Licks lips*


Special long boiled soup of the day

Stir-fried Pork Neck Meat in XO Sauce


White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake (Single egg yolk) (RM112, 185g x 4pcs)
The mini version is low sugar. (RM138, 90g x 6pcs)
I find their lotus seed paste much smoother than the others. That’s because they use only the finest white lotus seeds from Hunan, China to make their mooncakes! Apparently, these white lotus seeds are very rare to find, and they used to be served only to the King.

Mei-Xin Premium Egg Custard Mooncake (RM88, 60g x 6 pcs)
This one is just heavenly. It smells so, so good. When I took a slice of it, I just wanted more and more. Although it may be a lil’ jelak after a while, it’s just too good not to have another piece. Besides, they made it small enough, you can just pop the whole thing in your mouth if you want!

Assorted Snow Skin Mooncakes (RM24 per flavour, 60g x 2pcs)
I love the Pomelo Dessert one, it has passion fruit and pomelo in it. Very refreshing and sweet!
The Devil Dark Chocolate Crunch one is just as good! It’s not too sweet (Dark chocolate, duh!) and it has bits of crispy rice (Like Rice Krispies cereal).

Here’s the price list to make things easier for everyone. (: (UPDATE: Karen posted a better quality picture here!)
Just click on it to enlarge it so you don’t have to squint your eyes.. 😀
Available for purchase at Private Kitchen, AEON and Jaya Grocer.

Mei-Xin Mooncakes are famous in Hong Kong! Check out this video featuring their ambassador, Kelly Chen.

Private Kitchen

103, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama 47400, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7728 8399


Fa Ying by Rama V, Paradigm Mall (Modern Thai Restaurant)

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When I first saw Fa Ying, I thought it was a Chinese restaurant. Really! Don’t you think ‘Fa Ying’ sounds like a Chinese deity’s name or something similar? But no, Fa Ying actually means princess and it is the name of Rama V’s sister. Pretty neat huh?


Beautiful evening drive !


Lemongrass Basil Quencher (RM10++)

It’s like one of those refreshing drinks you get before a spa treatment. Or at least, every time I drink a lemongrass drink, I’m transported into this tranquil world… NO, I’M NOT EXAGGERATING!


Long Thai Iced Tea (RM28++)

Just like Long Island Tea, but with Thai Tea.. It’s really strong, I must warn you.

Mieng Kam (RM7++)

Served in tea cups! Although I enjoy traditional way of eating Mieng Kam, this is just splendid for those who just want to munch away delicious Mieng Kams and concentrate on making conversations.. 😛 See the idea of these ready made Mieng Kams?? 😀

Pa Duk Fu Kap Apple Salad (RM18++)

Soft green apple salad with crispy catfish. This is my favourite from Fa Ying. It’s refreshing, sour and just addictive! Well, there’s no strong fish smell, don’t worry, it’s just fried catfish.


Burger Tod Mun Pla (RM17++)

Thai Fish Cake Burger served with traditional som tam and som tam tod (Deep fried papaya salad). I bet you’ve never imagined eating thai fish cake ala burger! Well, you can try it right here at Fa Ying, Honestly, it’s not too bad! Although, I kinda deconstructed it to eat… Burger’s a lil’ too huge for me. The som tam tod is okay for me (Mama likes it very much), I think it’s because it’s deep fried, I find it a lil’ too oily for me. Then again… My family doesn’t consume that much oil. Personal preference. Hehe.


Spaghetti with Thai Green Curry “Pesto” (RM21++)

Now this is unique. I had a really cheesy French Pesto pasta at Topshelf, but this is completely different from that one. Of course, the main reason for that is because they mixed a bit of green curry into the pesto. The pesto still overtakes the overall flavour but with a light hint of green curry, it adds excitement! The grilled chicken compliments the pasta pretty well too.

Deep Fried Mango with Ice Cream (RM16++)

This is a really good idea.. It taste really nice too, but mum and I wished there was more mango in it. I actually like it a lot! It’s not as ‘jelak’ as the traditional mango sticky rice. The ice cream is no big deal, it’s just strawberry ice cream.

Green Curry Chocolate Cake (RM12++)

Where’s the green curry in this!??! Judging by the name, you would probably expect a green coloured dessert. Tsk! Well, the green curry flavour in infused with the cream! It’s not a heavy flavour but just a light after taste to the chocolate cake. I ate the cream before the chocolate cake, so I could really taste the faint green curry flavour. If you’re looking for a stronger green curry cake (I don’t know who would want to..), I suggest you order a separate green curry and dip the cake in it ! LOL. I’m just kiddin’..

Fa Ying by Rama V

Boulevard, Paradigm Mall
(Next to Embershoppe, opposite Bulgogi Brothers)
Tel: 03-7451 2933

Topshelf, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

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Last night, mum, Derek, Chris and I went to Topshelf for a food review. I like this place very much, especially when it is a French restaurant within my housing area. HEHE.

The interior of the place is pretty simple. Nothing very fancy, accompanied with a small menu.

When you walk in, you can see some pictures hanging on the wall on your right. They have all sorts of extraordinary pictures hanging there. I liked the two photographs on the bottom right. The red image is an abstract illustration of a strat. On it’s right is a black and white photograph of a dark and eerie-looking alleyway.

Les escargots au beurre (RM26)

Pumpkin ravioli (RM25)
This is absolutely divine. I don’t really fancy pumpkin, but I quite like this. I would definitely order this again when I come back for a 2nd visit.

Pesto capellini (RM22)
A light angel hair pasta entree with toasted pine nuts in pesto sauce, topped with shave parmesan cheese with an extremely light hint of truffle oil. It’s slightly different from the usual pesto pasta which is already mixed up with the sauce. This is perfect for small eaters because the portion is pretty small as it’s served as an appetizer, not a main course.

Moules mariniere (RM34)
This is for the dull rainy days where you just want to go out in your sweater and have a warm soupy meal. The sweet stock is perfect to dip your bread!

Confit Pork Belly (RM38)
This is a new item that’s recently added to their menu (On their blackboard actually..)
It looked like the Chinese roast pork, but nope! It’s done in a completely different way because it is a confit. The meat is softer compared to roast pork and even the crispy skin taste and crunch differently! It’s more of a solid crunchy skin instead. I have no idea how to explain how wonderful this dish is, you just have to go and try it! Other than the main attraction here, the potato mash taste real good too. High quality ingredients definitely makes a huge difference.
Mum wasn’t sure whether she liked the skin or the meat more. Well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Hahah.

 Bouillabaisse with spicy rouille (RM48)

 Confit de canard (RM36)

Apple tarte tatin (RM21)
For a small menu, their selection of desserts are pretty good. They have about 5 choices for you to choose from. We had 4. 😛 The panna cotta wasn’t really ready yet, and we were pretty full already, so we skipped it.
Now, DON’T YOU THINK THE APPLE TARTE TATIN LOOK SO UNIQUE? Sorry for the caps, just over-excited. LOL. In all honesty, when Chef Christopher told us he was serving us the Apple tarte tatin, I wasn’t quite keen on it…. Changed my mind instantly after tasting this beautiful creation. Especially when eaten with the ice cream and coffee soil next to it.

 Champagne mille feuille (RM23)
Note: This is not meant for sharing.
Well, first off, it’s a pretty small dessert. And to divide it into.. 4, is kind of sad ._.

Mousse au chocolat (RM23)
Super rich eggless chocolate mousse. Yes, eggless but you must, must, must try this! It’s so light and fluffy, you can eat the whole cup of it and still have room for more desserts.

Creme brulee (RM21)
Their signature dessert. It’s heavenly, I need not to say more.

Chef Christopher

The two owners of Topshelf, Hairenna and Christopher.

Topshelf (French Restaurant)

61, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-7727 7277

Dinner only (4pm-12 midnight)
Closed on Sundays

Make Way For Kapiti Ice Cream!

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Mum and I went to the launch of Kapiti, an award-winning gourmet ice cream, in Malaysia was held at Masak Masak, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Publika earlier this afternoon.

En. Shamsul Amree Salleh (Head of Inflight Services of Malaysia Airlines), Mr. Matt Ritchie (New Zealand Trade Commissioner) and Darren Tan (Head of Sales and Marketing of Sungei Timur Sdn Bhd) officially launching Kapiti’s great entrance to Malaysia.

Woo! Okay, now let’s skip to the fun part.

Chef Maria Conte sharing with us a few ways to enjoy Kapiti Ice Cream.

I kinda found this a lil waste of energy and time ): I couldn’t really taste much of the lemon when you eat the ice cream.

Eating Kapiti with fresh fruits (In this case, fresh berries) is more refreshing and not so jelak . 😛

I had a glass of Affogato with Kapiti Ice Cream, it was just so, so good, I tell you. I didn’t take a picture of it though It tasted so good, I gobbled it up instantly.

Wanton skin with Kapiti Ice Cream ala sandwich . Did I say wanton? Yeah I did ! What an oriental way to eat ice cream! (:

Skip the ordinary icing on cupcakes, use Kapiti Ice Cream instead! 😀


Stock for the next few months. My family is gonna grow a lil’ fatter by end of the year..


I can’t wait for them to bring in Feijoa Ice Cream into Malaysia. I had my first Feijoa when I visited my sister in New Zealand. I don’t really know how to describe it anymore because it was so long ago! ): But I do know that I really, really liked Feijoa.