Photo Dump August

The first quarter of this semester has been hectic (Still is). Somehow, I still managed to find the time to do way more photography than I have in the last 6 months. Maybe it’s because I took up a Photography class this semester and it has been pushing me to do some. Regardless, I’m quite happy to start photographing people again.

Kudos to my lovely model who was willing to freeze in this wretched windy winter.



More birds. Birds everywhere.

None Tree Hill, Movenpick and Frosty Bay

 We went for an almost-impromptu picnic at Cornwall Park.

Bushy Croissant.

Hahh. Pop that bottle, Zing.

She’s a unicorn.

The whole bunch of us.
Zing, Ian, Amirah, Nadhirah, Tasha and me.

It was a terrible idea to attempt a beach walk. It was freezing!

Till next time.

Dreary Saturday

Sherine left for Malaysia on Sunday, so we spent the Saturday with her.


 “OMG, it’s so good!”

Springin’ Back


Because… Procrastination!

I’m writing a post because I’m procrastinating on my assignments and a test this Friday.


Meanwhile, some updates on my life. We had a movie night party last Saturday. Ian brought his fancy 32 inch tv and we managed to get it to work with my laptop. (Panicked for a few minutes, thinking, why didn’t we checked it a day before?)

 Woohoo, 32 inch tv! Much wows, slightly bigger than ours.

 John brought his coffee machine and made us some extremely delicious drinks. Sadly, his ‘work space’ isn’t exactly a prestegious spot in our house, he had to kneel down to make the drinks.

It was a potluck party so everyone brought some food. Nadhirah and I made tom yum soup and vermicelli to go with.


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