Child of Light Progress

Have you guys heard of Child of Light? Or maybe own a PS4 and has already finished the game… … Well, I’ve just started playing it on PC. It has the most beautiful water coloured graphics.

Child of Light is like a fairy tale game.

Princess Aurora is our main character – The Child of Light who awakens in a nightmare and has to fight her way out of it to see her papa again. Typical hero/heroine story here but there’s something different about this game. I’ll tell you why…

1. Most of the conversations rhymes. Heck, the whole game is filled with poems too.
It’s pretty amazing how they can whip up so many poems in the game. Well, it’s definitely not easy to create this game.

2. The skill tree for the playable characters remind me of Final Fantasy X. It’s a little difficult to see where the line goes sometimes though. Or maybe I’m just a lil’ bit on the blind side when I want to add skills quickly.

Sometimes, I kinda just stop moving and look at the scenery. It’s just absolutely stunning. It’s a different kind of beautiful. It kind of suits the whole theme. Poems, fairy tale… Water coloured pictures..

 Well, that’s about it for today. I finished defeating the evil stepsister, Cordelia and Aurora decided to grow up…
There’s always an evil stepsister ey? I have stepsisters too, they’re not evil. Lol.

Serge Meirinho, the concept artist said, ‘We had already toyed with the idea of seeing Aurora at various stages of her life. When you add in the RPG elements and levelling mechanics, it almost seems natural to have her age with each level she gains. Apart from being a visual metaphor both for video games and fairy tales, it’s simple, clear and unusual!’

Okay, so Aurora grew up. I wonder if she’ll get older when I get the sun next.

Here’s an awesome infographic I found to end this post. (:
Till next time!

Diablo 3 Progress

I was on the verge of quitting my wizard life and join the crusade. Lol. But then Blizzard decided, ‘NO, YOU SHALL NOT. HERE’S WHAT YOU WANTED.’ So I got the almost perfect Witching Hour, then the almost perfect Mirrorball shortly after that. When I changed my built to suit the Mirrorball, I was thinking.. How nice if I could get a Cindercoat now.. CHINGGG. Scorpion decided to drop a Cindercoat for me. Well, not the best Cindercoat but that would do.

Comparison with my old and new outfit.

 Heh, Spectrum transmorg looking awesome.

Using Tal Rasha set, maximizing the use of multi elemental meteors was fun. Actually I found it did more damage than my current fire build. But then again, I just need a new weapon and upgraded gear.
I don’t even want to share how sad my Frozen Orb build was. It was just boring and not T3 efficient. It was like a Tank Mage. I had 12 million toughness and 1.3 million damage. Yet I felt like I achieved nothing!
Links: Wizard Character , DiabloProgress


Smart ass rift guardian decides to glitch and make our lives so much easier.

 Super Awesome Sparkle Cake. A cute Instakill Pony.

Evil Oliver, a subsidiary of happy company.
I don’t even.
And it killed me because I was just staring at his name. Stupid cuddle bear.

 Adventures in EU server! I HAVE NO FRIENDS. WHAT.

Apparently, if you drop a normal legendary and a set legendary, you get a yellow beam.


My two week holiday in summary.
Well… Just the stuff that goes on in my room, anyway.

Here’s a song for you to jam to! It’s been my jam for the past two weeks.

Finals and More Finals

Here’s a lil’ sneak peak of a Raya shoot I did for Tongue in Chic! (; Just a lil’ peak!! I can’t wait to see it on their website!


This week is my last week of classes. Finally getting my Diploma in Mass Communications! Presentation was pretty long today, so I had some time to camwhore with a few of my classmates :D This one is Szen Li .


Michelle on the left and Scott on the right!

After our presentation, I took a bus to KL Sentral…… And I missed my stop (Who could’ve tell that stop by the highway was the stop for KL Sentral?) Well, I took the Metro bus.. I wasn’t exactly sure of the route. I was actually pretty scared while I was on the bus. I was heading to Le Meridien for dinner with mum and a couple of friends. When I reached, there was a queue for the two lifts. Well, it was almost time for the Muslims to buka puasa, so hence the human jam. But what an experience – a queue for the lift.

We headed to Gastro for dinner. Aghh, mum moved a lil’ so the panaroma doesn’t really look.. perfect. >=(

Look! This is how they serve their bread! Pretty neat huh? Don’t underestimate the size of it, it’s a really huge piece of bread!

Herb Poached Cod (RM62)
Minted mash pumpkin, soba and enoki mushrooms in miso broth.
I don’t understand why they added in the pumpkin mash though.. It didn’t really go well with the whole thing, but the cod was lovely. I was craving for a fresh cod so badly after some really bad cod dishes I had in Macau, this one just fulfilled my cravings!

Illy Coffe & White Chocolate Brownie (RM25)
I found this one interesting. I never had white chocolate brownies before. Have you?? Well, it’s sinfully sweet with a strong coffee flavour. Then again, I don’t have a sweet tooth, I couldn’t finish it all, I shared it with the rest.


I had morning coffee with Rachel last Friday. It was so good to catch up with her! Sadly she’s leaving for USA soon already, I’m gonna miss her real bad. ):


LOOK WHAT I RECEIVED FROM GARENA! When I logged in today, I saw this bright treasure box with a question mark on my Garena Messenger. When I hovered over it, it said ‘Garena Game Personalized Sale’. I didn’t know Garena had such things.. So I clicked on it and AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A SALE ON DRAGON TRAINER LULU SKIN! I was hoping they had a sale for it again sometime soon, but this Game Personalized Sale thing just made my day. :3 And they were pretty nice, it expires in 2 DAYS! Plenty of time to consider and get your Garena Shells.

Of course, I couldn’t wait, I bought it instantly. :3 Thank you, Garena!

Worn Out

Last Week


At Potpourri, fiddling with my Samsung S4. I take more pictures with my phone now ._.

Refolded clothes for charity project we’re doing for a subject in college.. I picked up two tops and donated some money too.


Garena League of Legends Anniversary 2013. Shit man, the line was so long, it went behind FTZ . Ain’t nobody got time for that!
This guy here is playing LoL with a panda hat. I don’t know why but I saw many people in panda hats ._.

John being supportive at these events. He won’t be supportive anymore after he leaves for America to study . I’m really glad that I had a few friends to support me there.. They practically had to drag me out of the toilet after I changed.


Meet Jo, and Nick.


My one and only chance to be kawaii eh? Seize it ! Actually no, not really. This is like a mandatory photograph with John.

Sam and I . Yes, Sam Insanity actually tried to cosplay his version of Ezreal – Ezfail. With a hanger as his weapon. (And I thought my pathetic syringe was lame)


Cutest cosplay ever. He’s a tiny Karthus.


Audrey (Ix3Rukia) as Teemo and me as Nurse Akali.
I don’t cosplay.. It’s a one time thing, and it shall stay as a one time thing.


Ain’t this Queen Ashe cosplay so cool ? I pity her though, Under the blazing heat, she’s in that outfit. :O

We wanted to line up for the skin .. But err. No . Too much effort .


Oh, I gave up on Virtual Villagers 5 . After impregnating 30 over females, I think it’s enough . I don’t care about converting the orange and red masked villagers anymore. Or the achievements ;_; Now I’m just playing Eternal Garden and Rift since it’s F2P now :3


Szen insisted on taking a photograph. Say lah earlierrrrr, then we’d properly dress up to class. See us wearing dresses but in sandals. Then Miss Szen wearing Croc heels. Omg, her Croc heels, really. Weird looking pair of shoes, but I bet they’re so damn comfortable.

I’ve been buying this a few times already (So cheap and addictive)
It’s from Monster Bites, Regular fries with cheese topping! It’s about.. 6 bucks? Worth way more compared to the puny cheesy wedges from KFC that costs about the same price.

It’s so good and addictive, I got my classmates hooked on to it too. LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF CHEESE. *drools*


That satisfactory face.

They hid behind the door for a long time, waiting to scare the lecturer, and it failed so badly. She just walked right in so quickly, they had no time to respond.

I think this blog post is pretty random. I’m like jumping from 1 thing to another. I went to Kitchen Art Brasserie in Empire Hotel after class for pre ramadan review. Look… That’s only a quarter of the whole buffet spread.

I had a relatively great day. Nailed our presentations today, earned about 60 league points from 2 ranked games today too. 1 more game to my promo!

All photographs taken with Samsung Galaxy S4


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