Miss Sunshine

So… I tripped over my heater and broke my toe nail and it bled (Who knew it could hurt me so bad), my nose decided it was a good idea bleed in the middle of the night and my period thought, oh hell, why not join in the fun!
Summary of my blood week. Mmmhm. I want to strangle something/someone right now.

Rainy Winter Monday

 Hair update. I have different shades of blue, pink, magenta, pastel pink, green and turquoise in my hair now. I must admit, it looks slightly terrible in real life. I’m going to redye them this weekend.

Jane and Kei Kiat went back to Melbourne on Saturday. We shared a big pepperoni and cheese pizza at Sal’s the night before they left. Yums.
I’m gonna miss them.

There was a big protest against Israeli ground invasion of Gaza on Saturday. I probably saw only a fraction of the protesters.

 At the moment, I’m taking care of my sister’s plants that are still alive. Her cactus decided to flower on the day she left for Europe too. Awhhhh..

Less Blue, More Pink

 I’m not too sure if I liked the outcome, really. It’s very bubblegum Barbie doll-ish. Besides, the ‘blue’ has some sort of green hue to it. So i have 4 colours on my ends right now. Turquoise/Green, Blue, Purple and Pink.
It’s too much for me. Gonna try to wash it out a lil’ to make it pastel.
What do you guys think? I personally liked my fiery hair more. Sadly, red dyes don’t last as long as other colours and it frustrates me.

 This is how I YOLO-dye my hair every time (EXCEPT BLEACHING, THAT BURNS ME). I don’t quite give any thoughts about the difficulty to wash the dye off my skin. I should go dig out an old shirt to paint on next time…

 For those who are interested, here’s how the La Riché Directions hair dye bottles look like.
I used Cerise and Midnight Blue.


My hair is being stubborn. It doesn’t want to flip on me.

 Oh, and I broke my tripod attachment thing and my camera fell onto my glasses. Brilliant. Luckily, my glasses are fixable. YEAH, GO GO 3 YEAR OLD NERD GLASSES.

Fiery Hair

My new hair dyes arrived few days ago. I used Mandarin and Vermillion Red (From La Riche Directions Hair Dye) for my ends.
At first, I thought the orange wasn’t showing. Turns out, I didn’t put enough red dye at the ends. But it still looks awesome.
I’m contented. (:

 Absolutely loving it.

The Yearly Haircut

A little late on my blog entry today. I wanted to go cut my hair first before I blog about it because it was time I cut my hair.. It’s been almost a year since I last cut it anyway and it was starting to get too long, frizzy and messy.

I hate going to the hair salon. But I have to go… So, I did. I went to Fabulous, next to Pickle and Fig in Taman Tun. The last time I went there to cut my hair (2 years ago, oh my), they did a fantastic job. This time I entrusted them with my overgrown mane once more. Of course, they didn’t disappoint. I’m really, really happy that they didn’t disappoint me. I cut off my blonde ombre ends and did hair relaxing and treatment. It came up to about RM550 but it’s worth it for another year at least. The whole process was about 4 hours. Including the hair cut, hair relaxing and the hair treatment. Please don’t tell me I look like I have the same hair as before, just shorter. My hair’s healthier and more manageable. It’s different.

Nick, the guy who did my hair for me took the time and effort to find out on my daily routines with my hair, what kind of look I’m trying to achieve and he made sure I was comfortable at the salon. I asked him about the process of hair relaxing and he told me that it’s actually all about the cream. The chemical they apply on the hair. I wouldn’t know the proper terms and all, neither does he wants to bore me with them so he explained it in layman’s terms. He also explained why he only applies the cream not too near the roots and leaves out an inch at the ends (Only applying that 1 inch after 15 minutes). It’s just so that the hair would be overall straight but still a lil’ wavy at the ends. He knew what I wanted. I’m really happy about that. I wouldn’t want the unnatural straight hair. That’s just ugly. This is something slightly closer to my natural hair, which is a good thing when my hair starts to grow..

Because I spent so much on my hair this time round, my mum requested to touch my hair every once in a while. That was quite funny.

He curled the ends for me slightly just so my hair doesn’t look too flat out. Great! Because I’m attending a birthday dinner tonight too. Perfect!

Way better off than my damaged hair in the picture below.

I’m gonna miss my long hair.. But hair will grow, it’s OKAY.

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