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This time I won’t let you get away
my heart is in your hands and it’s there to stay.


when i get really lonely i think of you smiling.
-glen hansard

Don’t wake me up if this is a dream because things aren’t always what they seem. So don’t ruin this for me. If you’re a fairytale, I still believe.


We give and we take from each other so much,
that I feel we don’t need no one else


It scares me how I need your laugh.
You’re everything I’ve grown to miss.

because i know you’re too good to be true
i must have done something good to meet you.


When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.


I spend 23 hours a day wondering whether we’re wrong for each other, wondering whether we’ve got the energy
that we need to get through everything that we seem to get into, whether the baggage we both bring would sink
a small ship. But in the 24th hour, I realize I’ve been thinking about you for 23 hours. There’s something about
you I can’t stay away from. Something about you, that makes me want to love you.

today i discovered that happiness is not something we find,
its something we create.
this is my first step toward recovery.

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Settle precious, I know what you’re going through.
Just ten minutes before you got here I was going to jump too.

but the truth is, if i could be with anyone,
it’d still be you.

I don’t know, it’s like we’re two halves of
the same person, or something. And when
we’re apart we just aren’t happy.

I read your letter,
I read it five times now, but I still don’t get it.
All this stuff about memories and you and me
And the way it used to be,
And how you half-regret it,
And how it feels so good to get it off your chest.
I wish I never read it.
It makes me wish I was the one who left.

Just because you were happy with him,
doesn’t mean you can’t be happy without him

Love is such a strong word.
When we were just little kids, we always thought
love was just about hugs, kisses, & happiness.
But as we grow, we learn that it’s not just about
happiness, it’s also about learning to accept
rejections, tears, & heartbreaks.
That’s where I
come to help you up, wipe those tears away, put
your heart back to one when you’re hurt from love.
And when I say I love you, you’d better believe
that I mean that with every fiber of my being.

i believe in love, lust, sex, and romance
i don’t want everything to add up to the perfect equation
i want mess and chaos.
i want someone to go crazy out of his mind for me
i want to feel passion and heat and madness
i want it all.

I love you. Not maybe, not tomorrow, not someday,
right now – at this very moment. I realized something.
I need you. I trust you, I admire you, I want you.
& you can be wrong a lot of the time, & we can fight,
& get mad at each other, but nothing, nothing in this
world can change the fact that I love you.

so sit and smile and laugh and make me happy
let’s spend the whole day, watching the freeway
there’s nothing i would rather do on Saturday night
then let my feelings smolder between your shoulders yeah,
oh don’t you wanna be mine

it seems like a million years ago we dated,
but it wasn’t. maybe you’re over it.
maybe it doesn’t mean anything to you anymore.
maybe it never did, but it meant a lot to me.
you meant a lot to me. and you still do.

I believe that we could be extraordinary together
rather than ordinary apart.

Maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me <3

Credits to wys_Quotography

We’re Drifting Apart.
I’m trying real hard hun..
Not to tear.
Su Ting