Meet Maryna from Ukraine.

Had a fun casual shoot. We walked all the way to Silo Park. It was really sunny, perfect weather for a shoot!

Last Week of Classes

Duruje Festival and Diwali Weekend

 A pretty good idea for a replacement of an ice cream cone… But it tastes horrible! ):

I’m quite curious about their love relationship. Lol.

 Pretty girls everywhere…

 Pretty boys everywhere… … …


Diwali Festival

 After watching the first episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show… I’m just gonna lay off clowns for a bit.

 Look, human children in hamster balls!

The henna quality was pretty shit, to be honest. Wasted $15 and a whole lot of time.

I promise I’ll update more frequently now. Got scolding from Miss Yukiko already. ):

None Tree Hill, Movenpick and Frosty Bay

 We went for an almost-impromptu picnic at Cornwall Park.

Bushy Croissant.

Hahh. Pop that bottle, Zing.

She’s a unicorn.

The whole bunch of us.
Zing, Ian, Amirah, Nadhirah, Tasha and me.

It was a terrible idea to attempt a beach walk. It was freezing!

Till next time.

Dreary Saturday

Sherine left for Malaysia on Sunday, so we spent the Saturday with her.


 “OMG, it’s so good!”

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