Rainy Winter Monday

 Hair update. I have different shades of blue, pink, magenta, pastel pink, green and turquoise in my hair now. I must admit, it looks slightly terrible in real life. I’m going to redye them this weekend.

Jane and Kei Kiat went back to Melbourne on Saturday. We shared a big pepperoni and cheese pizza at Sal’s the night before they left. Yums.
I’m gonna miss them.

There was a big protest against Israeli ground invasion of Gaza on Saturday. I probably saw only a fraction of the protesters.

 At the moment, I’m taking care of my sister’s plants that are still alive. Her cactus decided to flower on the day she left for Europe too. Awhhhh..

Back in Rotorua!

We couldn’t rent a car because we didn’t have a translated license or international license, so we took the Intercity bus to Rotorua that took us about 4 hours to reach Rotorua. It hurts our wallets so bad too because we had to spend more money on cab fares and bus fares..

On the bright side, our motel (Silveroaks Geyserland) was right next to Te Puia. So it only took us 5 minutes to walk there.

 Wood carving boys doing their thing!

Since we had 30 minutes to kill before Pohutu geyser erupts, we took photos and ate salt and vinegar chips.

So… Jumping backwards was harder than I thought.


I have a rainbow in my almost rainbow hair.


This is too hilarious not to post up on my blog.

 Pohotu Geyser and the Blue Pools.
Well, not so blue here because CAMERA.

Maori cultural show.
There were many tourists that are so horrible at respecting the Maori culture and the other audiences. Worst part is that we share the same ethnicity and many people associate me with people like them. Not cool, bros.

After checking in to our motel and rested for a bit, we headed out just before sunset to town. We walked for 40 minutes to town in the cold. I don’t know what we were thinking… But I was eager to eat at Fat Dog for the carbonara. So, we walked.


It was so packed for dinner!

Jane and I ordered the carbonara while Kei Kiat ordered the fish and chips. They told us that we had to wait about 10-15 minutes but we we waited for an hour. Well, I don’t really blame them, they had so many customers. In return, they gave us free drinks and 2 desserts to go! Well, it’s worth the wait for the yummy milkshakes and 2 slices of cakes.

It was so, so good. I am so contented for the next few months now.

The caramel slice I chose was just as awesome. Apparently one of their best sellers too! Yum yums.


Jane fell asleep at 8.30pm… And we all kinda followed after that and woke up at 9am the next day.

 We had CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE for breakfast.

 So I get a Caramel Slice and a Chocolate Cake for breakfast. Yums.

 We even got a bonus view of the Pohutu geyser.

 I was trying to take a photo of our view when Jane decided to feed me cake. Hahaha, if only I was fast enough to focused it right.

 Kei Kiat was actually about to drink the milk bottle.

 Then, of course, they released an ‘army’ of lambs onto the stage.

 The sheep must be thinking, WELL, PAT ME ALREADY, HUMAN.

 I just had to post this up, tsk. SORRY. :D


 No, lamb. my camera’s not your food.

You see, the trick is to blend in. Tsk.


Met this cutie on the truck/trailer train thing we were on. She only spoke French, so she had to ask her mum how to tell me that she liked my hair. After a while, she kept turning back to tell me that she’s 6 years old and comes from Tahiti. She’s a beautiful girl!

Picking Kiwi fruits!

 Guy in blue shirt: ‘ YOU’VE GOT MEAN HAIR GURRRRL!’
You should see how I smiled from ear to ear. I’ve been getting loads of hair compliments over the past week. Hehehe.

 Keeping trees warm during winter.

Sunset view from the inside of the bus.

When we were waiting for our bus at Tourism Rotorua, we thought we were taking the InterCity bus back to Auckland. Then the bus driver of GreatSights yelled out my name. Thank goodness he yelled out my name, otherwise we would have been waiting for a non-existent bus back to Auckland. Forever and ever thankful that he yelled out my name.

It’s time to go for another adventure! See yeah, internet people!

12 hours of Good Sleep… And Devonport

We definitely excelled in sleeping till noon. Jane and Kei Kiat made ‘breakfast’ and we just lazed around till about 3pm before heading out.

Look at the couple rocking my kitchen.

 Meanwhile, I get to sit back, relax and watch TV while they cook.

 Colourful breakfast. Yums.


 Excited kids.

 Beer or no beer?

We ate fish and chips and fed some chips to the birds. Even a big eagle was circling us. Not too sure if it was eyeing our food or the smaller birds…
The birds didn’t return us the favour of the chips. Instead, it shat on my boot and Kei Kiat’s hoodie. THANKS, BIRDS. APPRECIATE IT.

 The view from Devonport is amazing.

 I’m not very good at being photographed by people.

 I TRIED. But awkward hand decides to stick out.

There, there, Jane.. It’s okay if you’re too short to ride the Zorb in Rotorua.

As you can see, Kei Kiat absolutely fails at taking good photos.

We’re off to Rotorua today! So, I’ll only update my blog on Thursday.. Teehee, See yeah!


Sea Aquarium and Gelato

Congratulations to Germany on winning the World Cup!

Here’s a picture of them where all the girls (and guys, if any) can go crazy for a little while.

We all woke up at 6am to watch the World Cup. First, we thought, maybe we could go down to QF Tavern for some breakfast and to watch the game… We got lazy and watched it from my bed. At the 90th minute, we got so sleepy, we moved to the couch and ate instant noodles so we won’t fall asleep.
It was very foggy outside, the foggiest I’ve seen ever since I came down to Auckland, really. I put them blame on my friends. LOL.

After the game ended, we went out for brunch and some tourist-y adventure at Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Aquarium.

Hotdogs for brunch at Dogmatic.

<< Our Kelly Tarlton adventure begins here >>

It ended with yummy gelato by Giapo. The Kiss Kiss flavour is so yummy. Nutella, chocolate and all..


HELLO. Don’t worry! Jane and Kei Kiat safely reached Auckland (Sunday), they didn’t injure themselves or died on the way back to my apartment. I mean.. HEHE.

See! They’re perfectly healthy and smiley.


They get pretty weird sometimes too. I absolutely love this photo. Hahahaha.

They’re so cheesy, I don’t know what to do.

Okay, enough photos for the day. Visit my blog tomorrow! I’m pretty sure I have interesting stuff for you. :D

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