Less Blue, More Pink

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 I’m not too sure if I liked the outcome, really. It’s very bubblegum Barbie doll-ish. Besides, the ‘blue’ has some sort of green hue to it. So i have 4 colours on my ends right now. Turquoise/Green, Blue, Purple and Pink.
It’s too much for me. Gonna try to wash it out a lil’ to make it pastel.
What do you guys think? I personally liked my fiery hair more. Sadly, red dyes don’t last as long as other colours and it frustrates me.

 This is how I YOLO-dye my hair every time (EXCEPT BLEACHING, THAT BURNS ME). I don’t quite give any thoughts about the difficulty to wash the dye off my skin. I should go dig out an old shirt to paint on next time…

 For those who are interested, here’s how the La Riché Directions hair dye bottles look like.
I used Cerise and Midnight Blue.


My hair is being stubborn. It doesn’t want to flip on me.

 Oh, and I broke my tripod attachment thing and my camera fell onto my glasses. Brilliant. Luckily, my glasses are fixable. YEAH, GO GO 3 YEAR OLD NERD GLASSES.

YOLO, glitter-in on the balcony during winter

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Derp face. It was freezing!! It was about 9 degrees and the wind was 24 km/h!
I don’t care, it’s my birthday month. I deserve to throw glitter all over my balcony floor AFTER I cleaned the floor during the day.
Stupid decision to clean the house today because spontaneity is my best trait to do experimental photographs.
Worst part is, I haven’t bought new vacuum bags and I can’t vacuum anything. Wait… CAN GLITTER BE VACUUMED? OH NOs.

My fiery ends faded after 5 washes too. It’s okay, I get to put different colours tomorrow then. Woohoo.


I am never putting glitter in my mouth ever again even if it may be for a super cool photoshoot. I’ll just exploit my future models to do that for me.
It was horrible. I didn’t dare to swallow my saliva for about 20 minutes, even after I brushed my teeth and tongue thoroughly.

Here’s a photo without glitter. Very boring, ain’t it?