Finals and More Finals


Here’s a lil’ sneak peak of a Raya shoot I did for Tongue in Chic! (; Just a lil’ peak!! I can’t wait to see it on their website!


This week is my last week of classes. Finally getting my Diploma in Mass Communications! Presentation was pretty long today, so I had some time to camwhore with a few of my classmates :D This one is Szen Li .


Michelle on the left and Scott on the right!

After our presentation, I took a bus to KL Sentral…… And I missed my stop (Who could’ve tell that stop by the highway was the stop for KL Sentral?) Well, I took the Metro bus.. I wasn’t exactly sure of the route. I was actually pretty scared while I was on the bus. I was heading to Le Meridien for dinner with mum and a couple of friends. When I reached, there was a queue for the two lifts. Well, it was almost time for the Muslims to buka puasa, so hence the human jam. But what an experience – a queue for the lift.

We headed to Gastro for dinner. Aghh, mum moved a lil’ so the panaroma doesn’t really look.. perfect. >=(

Look! This is how they serve their bread! Pretty neat huh? Don’t underestimate the size of it, it’s a really huge piece of bread!

Herb Poached Cod (RM62)
Minted mash pumpkin, soba and enoki mushrooms in miso broth.
I don’t understand why they added in the pumpkin mash though.. It didn’t really go well with the whole thing, but the cod was lovely. I was craving for a fresh cod so badly after some really bad cod dishes I had in Macau, this one just fulfilled my cravings!

Illy Coffe & White Chocolate Brownie (RM25)
I found this one interesting. I never had white chocolate brownies before. Have you?? Well, it’s sinfully sweet with a strong coffee flavour. Then again, I don’t have a sweet tooth, I couldn’t finish it all, I shared it with the rest.


I had morning coffee with Rachel last Friday. It was so good to catch up with her! Sadly she’s leaving for USA soon already, I’m gonna miss her real bad. ):


LOOK WHAT I RECEIVED FROM GARENA! When I logged in today, I saw this bright treasure box with a question mark on my Garena Messenger. When I hovered over it, it said ‘Garena Game Personalized Sale’. I didn’t know Garena had such things.. So I clicked on it and AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A SALE ON DRAGON TRAINER LULU SKIN! I was hoping they had a sale for it again sometime soon, but this Game Personalized Sale thing just made my day. :3 And they were pretty nice, it expires in 2 DAYS! Plenty of time to consider and get your Garena Shells.

Of course, I couldn’t wait, I bought it instantly. :3 Thank you, Garena!


Thursday Blues


My blonde ends turned out pretty nice, eh?

Lunch. Mama made a wrap for me today.

Delicious cauliflowers, capsicums, lettuce, carrots, mozarella cheese and ham wrap. *licks lips*

I found some pictures of Jolin that I didn’t post up.. My models can be really creepy sometimes ._. I love the picture below very much though.


We had our last Idea Conceptualism class with Miss Rachel today.. Next week would be our final presentation (Animatics) and then we’re done! (: Can’t wait!

I’m flying off to Macau tomorrow for the weekend. Then I’ll be really busy doing my college projects, editing photographs from Macau and photo shoots! Don’t miss me too much . (:


Ahhh!!! Don’t you think this vintage camera satchel look so good?? Well there’s better looking ones.. But damn ! I’d get that one day.. Not in great need of it yet. But I had to share it. It looks so gorgeous. The price is pretty too for good brands (Approx. RM200 and above for good ones).


Camera 360

Last Week of June


I did a shoot for Phat Culture last weekend .. I was heck nervous. It was a great experience for me, working with new models and doing fashion shoots. I learnt a lot from Timur, the stylist who was helping me direct the shoot. She can really pose!! But gosh, I felt like a newbie while doing the shoot. :X

Not very satisfying, but hey, I’ll work on it . :X


Tried Fat Boys burger . That’s the Fat Basterd burger that is impossible for me to finish. I had the mushroomie one instead. The one with shitake mushrooms. That’s half the size of Fat Basterd and I couldn’t finish it ._.


COLOURS event! We finally got through with it last Tuesday. About 10 kids from PPKKCTM came to join our event. We raised about RM1,800 for the kids! The art auction was a brilliant idea. One of the artwork was sold for RM700! Isn’t that awesome?? Love ‘em kiddies..
Check out other pics here! (:

They’re just so cute ._.

Group photo!


Random cat petting session. Manja lil’ thing licked my toes, longing for some love.


I’m contented. It was the best way to start my birthday month for sure. Since.. I have final assignments and stuff to do, this is the only time I could enjoy my time off. A presentation day after my birthday ain’t cool. /: But oh well, life goes on..

It’s always a thrill to have him around. Sometimes, I mess up by doing really really stupid things and make really stupid decisions, but I really wanted to just spend time with him. Doesn’t matter what we were doing, it’s just nice being around you.

It was my most hectic week too, balancing classes, photo shoots and an event. I was out all day all night for 6 days in a row.


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