Sunday’s Specials

Outdoor library.

Shark bus!

That is creepy. From far, it looked like an anorexic sleeping/drunk man.

We’re on a boat. We’re on a boat to Devonport.

Yes, I found the best location for my next photoshoot. It’s so friggin’ awesome!

Coming back here real soon. Like, tomorrow. Yes!

Ponsonby Visit

So gorgeous, ain’t it? It kinda reminds me of home. That long road in TTDI with all these beautiful trees forming an archway.


Ponsonby ain’t that far, really. It’s just a few bus stops away. Pretty nice and quiet here.


I found the ‘Publika’ of Auckland. Well, sort of. It’s a miniature size of it, with lots of cafes and fancy restaurants, an organic market, cool shops and this really cool fortune teller place. I’m gonna go to that fortune teller one day. It’ll be a fun experience.

Just a lil’ something I did today. Productive days ahead!
Note: Do your assignments.

Napier, New Zealand

So…. We reached Napier on Thursday and we explored.

Had my first cronut. Croissant + Doughnut. Well, it is veryyyy interesting…

Awesome room I have in Napier. (:
Although, I take up like 30 percent of space on the bed. Lol.

On Saturday, we stopped by Craggy Range Winery before heading to Cape Kidnappers.

The vineyards look so amazing.

But mists were all we could see on the mountains…

And a big white canvas replaced the sky.

So I resorted to photographing these. Not a bad idea eh?

At Cape Kidnappers, this was our beautiful view. LOL. Well, I liked it that it was foggy. It gave the whole place a different look. It’s a nice change from always having the perfect cloud-less sky and perfect view of EVERYTHING.


Gannets. Their terrible landings were quite a funny sight.

A Bunch of Other Stuff , Kapiti Island, New Zealand

 Yay, my brother and I actually made it to the summit on Kapiti Island via the Trig Route! Whoopeedoo! Took us more than 2 hours actually. BUT we were watching birds and listening to them, so being late didn’t count. Pft

A Bunch of Other Stuff , Waikanae, New Zealand

 I did more house exploration… This house we had (They rented for us) was HUGE.

 I grew to like this particular shrub

The whole house had a lot of cob webs around. Even this shrub actually. Right next to where my hair is. Luckily I didn’t find that out until after I removed my hair.

 Lalala, I didn’t know.

 Living Room

 They have tons of books around.


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