Obanhmi, One Utama New Wing, Petaling Jaya

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What a long hiatus.
I was back in Malaysia/Singapore for the whole month of February and the very first thing I did was have a bite of Obanhmi’s new ORoasty. I just had to. It was too tempting not to.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee (RM9.90)
When i first saw it on the menu, I had mixed feelings about this coffee. But I definitely didn’t regret ordering it to try!
It’certainly has a very interesting flavour, almost like drinking liquid coffee Crème brûlée. I must warn you, it’s a very sweet and aromatic cup of hot coffee Crème brûlée. Love it (Eventhough, it’s a bit too sweet).

Lime Slush (RM7)
J ordered the lime slush and we really needed that drink. Boy, it was so refreshing, we were almost so tempted to order another one. The mint bits in the slush and the best overwhelming citrus explosion went so well together. Perfect for the darn weather in Malaysia, no joke!

Vietnamese broken rice with grilled pork chop (RM12.90)
An excellent choice for a quick office lunch, don’t you think? Unfortunately, the grilled pork chop was a little bit too dry for my liking but I loved the broken rice personally because of the soft texture.

ORoasty ((RM12)
When I asked J for his opinion on ORoasty, he said it felt like good breakfast all in one amazing sandwich. I guess that does sums it up about right. ORoasty is packed with the juiciest roast pork, marinated veggie (Almost like pickled vegetable), sunny side up and lots of coriander. What a brilliant concoction.

Chicken and prawn spring rolls (RM9.50)
I always have a soft spot for spring rolls. Fresh spring rolls, not fried. Dipping them in sweet and sour sauce.. So yum.

Dry Grilled Pork Vermicelli (RM12)
I quite like the vermicelli with the grilled pork but I didn’t like the idea of having fried spring rolls in them. It was pretty refreshing though but way, way too heavy on the oily ingredients.

Vietnamese French Toast served with ice cream (RM11)
The french toast is served with two ice cream of your choice and nuts! It’s made perfectly. Crispy on the outside, really soft inside. It’s not your average eggy type of french toast. In our opinions (Me and J’s), it was more like buttery bread with ice cream. J did mention it felt quite messy to eat the whole thing because you need to put ice cream on it.. And then the nuts… Blablabla. But I loved it. Messy or not, it’s really good.


1Utama Shopping Mall Outlet
LG 328, New Wing – near Teppanyaki, Cold Storage side.

Just a pint

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Donated a pint of blood yesterday in uni. I don’t recall the needle being so huge.
Ian took the most unflattering photo of me from far and that’s obviously not going up on my blog. It’s just too.. Unflattering. LOL

SaturDay Out! & The Other Boring Days

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I eat this at least twice a week. So easy to make and so, so good.

Crazy matching bags and outfits there.

So, so expensive. :C

The night we finally got internet, we went out to eat to ‘celebrate’. We were craving for some Chinese tai chao but we weren’t expecting this….. It’s totally different from the wa tan hor in Malaysia. No veggie, no colour at all. Just meat, egg and hor fun. Looks pretty sad, but it tasted alright. Sent us back home for a while.


The next day, we went out to buy groceries. Pak n Sav is pretty far from Auckland CBD, so we took a train there. But before that, we popped by the farmer’s market.

The Big Ugly.
This is the weirdest hotdog ever. Potato chips on the outside, special batter and a sausage inside.

We ordered 1 just to try, I swear, it tastes nothing like a hotdog. Weird, but it does taste alright.

Britomart Train Station.

Because the train that stops at Avondale, we had to walk for about 10 minutes to reach Pak n Sav.. We decided to take a bus back instead because GROCERIES. Heavy bags, I swear!

Taking the bus back was definitely way better. Cheaper and we walk less!


What’s for dinner? Cheese Steamed Rice. Well I didn’t want to use the oven for a single person meal.. So steamed is all I can get now. :C

I added a whole lotta grated cheese. Grating cheese will definitely define my triceps and biceps and abs. I’m so sure of it. By the 50th time I grate a big block of cheese, I’d have a stunning body. LOL.

I’ve kind of finally settled down mentally in Auckland. About time eh? Despite only being here for about 2 months plus, I already learnt a lot here. Not only in university, but by just living here. It’s true that you will only develop these kind of independent skills if you are studying abroad. The impact is so big that I could already feel it.

Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to do adult stuff. Yeah, that’s right, I can adult nao. Like pay bills, rent and food. It’ll suck to be an adult in a couple of years though..


Transitioning from Christmas to CNY

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I found this on tumblr. It’s too cute not to share. Swear.
And no, I didn’t get fat… At least I’d like to believe so.

Happy New year once again, guys! Last post had a lot of photographs.. I figured, today I’ll put in more words instead (Actually, it’s because I just need to rant on some really inconsiderate people).

\\Rant Session\\

I’ve seen a few horrible posts on Facebook and Twitter about Christmas and CNY. Some talked about how people are forgetting that it’s 12 days of Christmas, why are people starting to sell Chinese New Year goods.. Some talked about how shops started to sell even before Christmas arrived. These people are getting so anal about how disrespectful it is and how f-ed up Malaysian mentality is.

People really need to chill. We live in a multiracial country that celebrates Chinese New Year, Raya, Deepavali and Christmas, and I’ve only mentioned the major ones. In some years, Raya would clash with CNY/Deepavali or Christmas.. Business still resumes, selling both festivals’ goods. So, what’s the problem with selling Chinese New Year goods within 12 days of Christmas? There’s so many reasons to start selling early. Like, I don’t know… It’s the only holiday season before CNY? School is reopening soon, and this is probably the only time everyone can do their Christmas/New Year/Chinese New Year shopping. So just suck it! Some people in Malaysia have jobs and school to attend. I think it’s crazy to bring up how it disrespects Christians and Christmas. If it hurts your eyes so bad, just close them.

If you want to talk about fairness, the shops probably allocated a month for Christmas, and a month for CNY. And 1 month before CNY just so happen to start within the 12 days of Christmas. Geez. So if shops starts selling CNY goods a week late, then it would also be unfair to non-Christians. Ya? Disrespectful too. …. I don’t even find THAT as disrespectful.

If that’s wrong, then I guess I’m disrespecting Christians and Christmas too because almost every year, I attended Chinese New Year food reviews before Christmas/during Christmas.

Such a lame excuse to insult your own people. THIS is your own f-ed up mentality for turning such petty things to negative issues that should be solved. Ugh.

More Bullshit From Dusty

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Gee, a week has almost passed, I just wanted to put this Sweet Young Malaysian Girls (SYMG) behind me. BUT NOPE. You just had to prolong your 5 minute fame to a 5 day fame. Why couldn’t you apologize 5 days ago? Arghhhh.

There isn’t anything much we can do write now but apologize for all the things we did. We are truly sorry and though you may forgive us later on, we admit that the only crime that we did was curating and posting. Wait, isn’t that the same word?

Are you kidding me? I’m not even gonna ask you who ‘We’ are. Maybe you’re suffering from schizophrenia.
I’m sorry I raped your sister.. Wait, isn’t that none of your business?
I’m sorry I slapped you, oh wait, isn’t that touching your face?
See the similarities?

If you want to say sorry, say sorry. Don’t say sorry BUT yadda yadda. That’s not even an apology and I refuse to accept it!

In our post here, we said and we admitted “Because of my confession that i love young girls”. Note that we did say that we love young girls and that was it. Never did we mention that we are sexually interested in them. Just because we say we love young girls or young kids doesn’t mean that we want to have sex with them and become pedophiles.

Simply put, should we be condemning a big brother who says he loves his younger sister? Or maybe an uncle who loves his young nieces? No right? So our question here is how did our declaration of love for children equates to us being a pedophile?

“We love young girls and that was it.”

That was it?? No shit? Boy loves girl, girl loves boy. That’s it too. Including sexual thoughts going on in their heads.

“Big brother who says he loves his younger sister? Or maybe an uncle who loves his young nieces?”

My brother and uncles wouldn’t be looking at my bikini pictures or camwhore pictures and label them as ‘Chio Bu’, ‘Intermission Babes’, ‘Sweet Young Malaysian Girls’ and etc.

Besides that, the pictures you posted are girls in bikinis and some are nude!! Which brother would post their sisters’ bikini or nude pictures online? Who in their right mind would do such a thing? Nobody is that disgusting and shameless.

As much as you love us, sorry ‘bro’, I mean, pedo, no love for you. Don’t give me bullshit what according to Wikipedia. Are you not above 16 years old? Are you not looking at sexually explicit photographs of girls (The nudes)?

You commented on my previous blog entry saying that you go for artistic nude. THESE are artistic nudes. How about you search up the term ‘Artistic Nude’ and see what kind of photographs you get from Google Images. None of them are like the ones you posted.

So stop it with the bullshit.

Somewhere down all this commotion we were also called a sex offender. Wait? Did we actually post a sexual act on that blog or here? Closest thing that was sexual was nudity and it was not a sexual act/pornography to begin with. We might be wrong in saying this but isn’t a sex offender defined as someone who has done a sexual act that is against the law such as rape, molestation, sexual harrassment and such?

“Wait? Did we actually post a sexual act on that blog or here?”

You mean, we need to wait for you to commit a crime, a sexual offense before we are allowed to call you a sex offender? Okay, I didn’t use that term, that’s for sure, but I’m pretty sure people who said that have their reasons. Maybe they were sexually assaulted by you or something. Don’t forget, people who have had negative vibes around you are starting to speak up.

By the way, it’s harassment, not harrassment. My god, your England too greatz, I understand bit bit only.

Lastly, about these blogs you ‘stole’ the pictures from.. THANKS MAN, WHAT AN EARLY NOTIFICATION. Instead of making up to your stupid mistakes, you took 5 days to tell us your source of the pictures. Well, thanks man, I feel absolutely great.

I wouldn’t be as dumb to make mistakes like you but, IF I were you, I would help out and catch these photo thieves when I first saw those blogs! Jesus! What is wrong with you? Where are your senses? Mid life crisis too overwhelming for you?? I don’t exactly want to share the blog link. If you want the link, go ahead to his blog.

I just feel that we’re all giving them too much attention and views.


Although these blogs that he claimed were his sources, we can’t just let him go. We should be making a police report. Read this -> Link

Please, girls. Do make an effort to lodge a police report. We’re the bigger team, the bigger army here. Every minute I spent typing this blog entry, there’s someone out there whose posting our pictures, our sisters’ and friends’ pictures on the internet. It’s fine to be on our own profiles on social medias.. But as a collection of ‘Young Babes of Malaysia’, isn’t exactly very.. Safe. It’s like a list for possible rapists.


// Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes, I’m just too frustrated over the fact that I’ve seen girls under the age of 12 in these blogs. It’s just so concerning.. They’re probably too young to even know what to do. Actually.. We don’t even know what to do. That includes our parents.