Just a pint

Donated a pint of blood yesterday in uni. I don’t recall the needle being so huge.
Ian took the most unflattering photo of me from far and that’s obviously not going up on my blog. It’s just too.. Unflattering. LOL

SaturDay Out! & The Other Boring Days


I eat this at least twice a week. So easy to make and so, so good.

Crazy matching bags and outfits there.

So, so expensive. :C

The night we finally got internet, we went out to eat to ‘celebrate’. We were craving for some Chinese tai chao but we weren’t expecting this….. It’s totally different from the wa tan hor in Malaysia. No veggie, no colour at all. Just meat, egg and hor fun. Looks pretty sad, but it tasted alright. Sent us back home for a while.


The next day, we went out to buy groceries. Pak n Sav is pretty far from Auckland CBD, so we took a train there. But before that, we popped by the farmer’s market.

The Big Ugly.
This is the weirdest hotdog ever. Potato chips on the outside, special batter and a sausage inside.

We ordered 1 just to try, I swear, it tastes nothing like a hotdog. Weird, but it does taste alright.

Britomart Train Station.

Because the train that stops at Avondale, we had to walk for about 10 minutes to reach Pak n Sav.. We decided to take a bus back instead because GROCERIES. Heavy bags, I swear!

Taking the bus back was definitely way better. Cheaper and we walk less!


What’s for dinner? Cheese Steamed Rice. Well I didn’t want to use the oven for a single person meal.. So steamed is all I can get now. :C

I added a whole lotta grated cheese. Grating cheese will definitely define my triceps and biceps and abs. I’m so sure of it. By the 50th time I grate a big block of cheese, I’d have a stunning body. LOL.

I’ve kind of finally settled down mentally in Auckland. About time eh? Despite only being here for about 2 months plus, I already learnt a lot here. Not only in university, but by just living here. It’s true that you will only develop these kind of independent skills if you are studying abroad. The impact is so big that I could already feel it.

Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to do adult stuff. Yeah, that’s right, I can adult nao. Like pay bills, rent and food. It’ll suck to be an adult in a couple of years though..


Transitioning from Christmas to CNY

I found this on tumblr. It’s too cute not to share. Swear.
And no, I didn’t get fat… At least I’d like to believe so.

Happy New year once again, guys! Last post had a lot of photographs.. I figured, today I’ll put in more words instead (Actually, it’s because I just need to rant on some really inconsiderate people).

\\Rant Session\\

I’ve seen a few horrible posts on Facebook and Twitter about Christmas and CNY. Some talked about how people are forgetting that it’s 12 days of Christmas, why are people starting to sell Chinese New Year goods.. Some talked about how shops started to sell even before Christmas arrived. These people are getting so anal about how disrespectful it is and how f-ed up Malaysian mentality is.

People really need to chill. We live in a multiracial country that celebrates Chinese New Year, Raya, Deepavali and Christmas, and I’ve only mentioned the major ones. In some years, Raya would clash with CNY/Deepavali or Christmas.. Business still resumes, selling both festivals’ goods. So, what’s the problem with selling Chinese New Year goods within 12 days of Christmas? There’s so many reasons to start selling early. Like, I don’t know… It’s the only holiday season before CNY? School is reopening soon, and this is probably the only time everyone can do their Christmas/New Year/Chinese New Year shopping. So just suck it! Some people in Malaysia have jobs and school to attend. I think it’s crazy to bring up how it disrespects Christians and Christmas. If it hurts your eyes so bad, just close them.

If you want to talk about fairness, the shops probably allocated a month for Christmas, and a month for CNY. And 1 month before CNY just so happen to start within the 12 days of Christmas. Geez. So if shops starts selling CNY goods a week late, then it would also be unfair to non-Christians. Ya? Disrespectful too. …. I don’t even find THAT as disrespectful.

If that’s wrong, then I guess I’m disrespecting Christians and Christmas too because almost every year, I attended Chinese New Year food reviews before Christmas/during Christmas.

Such a lame excuse to insult your own people. THIS is your own f-ed up mentality for turning such petty things to negative issues that should be solved. Ugh.

More Bullshit From Dusty

Gee, a week has almost passed, I just wanted to put this Sweet Young Malaysian Girls (SYMG) behind me. BUT NOPE. You just had to prolong your 5 minute fame to a 5 day fame. Why couldn’t you apologize 5 days ago? Arghhhh.

There isn’t anything much we can do write now but apologize for all the things we did. We are truly sorry and though you may forgive us later on, we admit that the only crime that we did was curating and posting. Wait, isn’t that the same word?

Are you kidding me? I’m not even gonna ask you who ‘We’ are. Maybe you’re suffering from schizophrenia.
I’m sorry I raped your sister.. Wait, isn’t that none of your business?
I’m sorry I slapped you, oh wait, isn’t that touching your face?
See the similarities?

If you want to say sorry, say sorry. Don’t say sorry BUT yadda yadda. That’s not even an apology and I refuse to accept it!

In our post here, we said and we admitted “Because of my confession that i love young girls”. Note that we did say that we love young girls and that was it. Never did we mention that we are sexually interested in them. Just because we say we love young girls or young kids doesn’t mean that we want to have sex with them and become pedophiles.

Simply put, should we be condemning a big brother who says he loves his younger sister? Or maybe an uncle who loves his young nieces? No right? So our question here is how did our declaration of love for children equates to us being a pedophile?

“We love young girls and that was it.”

That was it?? No shit? Boy loves girl, girl loves boy. That’s it too. Including sexual thoughts going on in their heads.

“Big brother who says he loves his younger sister? Or maybe an uncle who loves his young nieces?”

My brother and uncles wouldn’t be looking at my bikini pictures or camwhore pictures and label them as ‘Chio Bu’, ‘Intermission Babes’, ‘Sweet Young Malaysian Girls’ and etc.

Besides that, the pictures you posted are girls in bikinis and some are nude!! Which brother would post their sisters’ bikini or nude pictures online? Who in their right mind would do such a thing? Nobody is that disgusting and shameless.

As much as you love us, sorry ‘bro’, I mean, pedo, no love for you. Don’t give me bullshit what according to Wikipedia. Are you not above 16 years old? Are you not looking at sexually explicit photographs of girls (The nudes)?

You commented on my previous blog entry saying that you go for artistic nude. THESE are artistic nudes. How about you search up the term ‘Artistic Nude’ and see what kind of photographs you get from Google Images. None of them are like the ones you posted.

So stop it with the bullshit.

Somewhere down all this commotion we were also called a sex offender. Wait? Did we actually post a sexual act on that blog or here? Closest thing that was sexual was nudity and it was not a sexual act/pornography to begin with. We might be wrong in saying this but isn’t a sex offender defined as someone who has done a sexual act that is against the law such as rape, molestation, sexual harrassment and such?

“Wait? Did we actually post a sexual act on that blog or here?”

You mean, we need to wait for you to commit a crime, a sexual offense before we are allowed to call you a sex offender? Okay, I didn’t use that term, that’s for sure, but I’m pretty sure people who said that have their reasons. Maybe they were sexually assaulted by you or something. Don’t forget, people who have had negative vibes around you are starting to speak up.

By the way, it’s harassment, not harrassment. My god, your England too greatz, I understand bit bit only.

Lastly, about these blogs you ‘stole’ the pictures from.. THANKS MAN, WHAT AN EARLY NOTIFICATION. Instead of making up to your stupid mistakes, you took 5 days to tell us your source of the pictures. Well, thanks man, I feel absolutely great.

I wouldn’t be as dumb to make mistakes like you but, IF I were you, I would help out and catch these photo thieves when I first saw those blogs! Jesus! What is wrong with you? Where are your senses? Mid life crisis too overwhelming for you?? I don’t exactly want to share the blog link. If you want the link, go ahead to his blog.

I just feel that we’re all giving them too much attention and views.


Although these blogs that he claimed were his sources, we can’t just let him go. We should be making a police report. Read this -> Link

Please, girls. Do make an effort to lodge a police report. We’re the bigger team, the bigger army here. Every minute I spent typing this blog entry, there’s someone out there whose posting our pictures, our sisters’ and friends’ pictures on the internet. It’s fine to be on our own profiles on social medias.. But as a collection of ‘Young Babes of Malaysia’, isn’t exactly very.. Safe. It’s like a list for possible rapists.


// Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes, I’m just too frustrated over the fact that I’ve seen girls under the age of 12 in these blogs. It’s just so concerning.. They’re probably too young to even know what to do. Actually.. We don’t even know what to do. That includes our parents.

My thoughts on Sweet Young Malaysian Girls Blog

Last night, my friends shared this really disturbing blog link on Facebook. When I looked through it, I initially thought, okay, this creepy guy is into girls named Cheryl. I thought wrong… I saw many photographs of my friends. Worst feeling was when I saw my own pictures there too.

As far as I know, the blog contained many pictures of girls mostly in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur and links to other blogs like ‘Asians in Swimgerie’ (Never knew such a word existed..)
Gentle warning, don’t click on ‘Asians in Swimgerie’, jesusmotherofgodlordsaveme, for the sake of finding out the owner of the blog, I can’t believe I clicked it. I saw girls (SOME HASN’T EVEN HIT PUBERTY YET) in bikinis. JESUS. Who in the right mind compiles photos of females of ALL ages in bikinis??! Oh my eyes..

The creepiest part is that the photos posted are dated back 3 to 4 years ago.. When the girls were still in secondary school. Even the photos of me posted there were dated back in 2010. That’s the part where sent chills down my spine. Let’s all hope he is only a pedophile in cyberworld and wouldn’t do anything against the will of teenage girls.

I had to find out who created the blog regardless of what intentions he had. I scrolled all the way to the bottom and saw the ‘contributors’. Well, Dustyhawk is listed as one of the contributors, and the only one everyone could point a finger at since his blog is the only one that has personal information of himself. The other 2 contributors were ignored completely since nobody could tell who created those.

The thing is.. I would have believe that Dustyhawk was defamed if he didn’t have this interesting category - Internet Babes. Quite suspicious huh? The dates of those blog entries are in between his other blog posts, and the way he wrote it, tells us clearly that he was the one behind those Babe entries. It’s cool if you’re into hot girls, but very young looking girls, that’s not right anymore. If you’re defamed, I’m so sorry for you, but you can’t turn things around anymore because of that category you have on your blog. Actually, regardless whether the Sweet Young Malaysian Girls is linked to you or not, that category itself disturbs me and possibly many others.

Keep your fetish to yourself cause it’ll keep you out of trouble, really.

Anyway, what else could we do? We’ve all reported the horrid blog. Me and the rest of the world are just sitting around waiting for the blog to be shred to pieces into the internet dustbin and an explanation from Dustyhawk who conveniently disappeared from the internet for several hours now.

I’ve been catching up on the comments to see what people think about this issue, most would suggest and warn the girls to start privatising their profiles and pictures.. Too late. Maybe the creator of that disgusting blog has already saved each and every photo of us girls already. Honestly, I think the warning that everyone should also be reminding each other is to always, ALWAYS make sure that you take care of yourself in cyber world AND the real world. Keep a look out for yourself and your friends while you’re out having fun. In cyber land, don’t expose your address or any super duper personal information. I know there’s no way we can avoid creeps/peeping toms/rapists/psychos completely, but an easy extra step to protect yourself, why not?

Anyway, I’m pretty much thankful that he only posted pictures taken from our Facebook accounts and not personally taking photographs of us, stalking us in real life but the most pissing off part of this whole situation is reading all the rude and dumb comments made by the public. I’ve stopped after seeing 1 guy’s comment. Pointless to continue reading and get all agitated over people who couldn’t care less.

I can’t even.. Uggh..

It’s not like he privatised his pictures to begin with, why is it that only ‘imbecile’ (referring to us girls) should stop giving access of pics on social media? That gave me the impression of a sexist. If a girl was raped, I am so certain that he would accuse the girl for being there or showing too much skin and caused the man to rape her. (Gee, it’s obnoxious to even write that sentence)

We, the girls, authorized the profile pictures to be on public, heck, we post them on social media so people can view them. That’s the whole purpose. Social media is such a big part of so many people’s lives now. And with Google, you can find a million pictures of girls naked/under aged/cute/young/Asian/Caucasian/half naked whatever.

I think the biggest reasons why we’re all so disgusted by it is because of the compilation of so many mutual girl friends in the blog and those photos are of when the girls are aged 13-17 years old. Doesn’t that creep the shit out of you?? You’re clearly weird, if it doesn’t. If it doesn’t bother you, then don’t bother commenting in the first place.

 Blah, blah, blah… Unnecessary vulgarity.

What a drama. Any updates, do comment below! I’d love to know if the blog has been taken down or any explanations appear on internet.


Here’s the latest response from DustyHawk -> Link

Guess what guys, we’re all just an experiment. Woo! I didn’t know people are allowed to use our photographs without our consent. Someone should make a short film about this huge scandal – How to lose all your friends over a weekend.

Joke of the era. His ego is so high up, nobody can see it anymore. Who in the right mind would ever would risk losing reputation, connections and friends for such a pathetic experiment? Are you going through mid life crisis or something? 10 years of ‘experience’, you should know better than to cause such damage to your non-existent reputation. Now, you’ve got your 5 minutes of fame, are you happy? Are you extremely proud of yourself with this extremely unnecessary achievement in life? Or did you not bother asking these questions yourself?

You’re so egoistic and arrogant, nobody is going to hate you any lesser with your latest statement(s). Misusing laws of power blogging?!? I mean, what is that? Took you 3 days to find such laws? Your desperate level is catching up with your ego up there.

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