My thoughts on Sweet Young Malaysian Girls Blog

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Last night, my friends shared this really disturbing blog link on Facebook. When I looked through it, I initially thought, okay, this creepy guy is into girls named Cheryl. I thought wrong… I saw many photographs of my friends. Worst feeling was when I saw my own pictures there too.

As far as I know, the blog contained many pictures of girls mostly in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur and links to other blogs like ‘Asians in Swimgerie’ (Never knew such a word existed..)
Gentle warning, don’t click on ‘Asians in Swimgerie’, jesusmotherofgodlordsaveme, for the sake of finding out the owner of the blog, I can’t believe I clicked it. I saw girls (SOME HASN’T EVEN HIT PUBERTY YET) in bikinis. JESUS. Who in the right mind compiles photos of females of ALL ages in bikinis??! Oh my eyes..

The creepiest part is that the photos posted are dated back 3 to 4 years ago.. When the girls were still in secondary school. Even the photos of me posted there were dated back in 2010. That’s the part where sent chills down my spine. Let’s all hope he is only a pedophile in cyberworld and wouldn’t do anything against the will of teenage girls.

I had to find out who created the blog regardless of what intentions he had. I scrolled all the way to the bottom and saw the ‘contributors’. Well, Dustyhawk is listed as one of the contributors, and the only one everyone could point a finger at since his blog is the only one that has personal information of himself. The other 2 contributors were ignored completely since nobody could tell who created those.

The thing is.. I would have believe that Dustyhawk was defamed if he didn’t have this interesting category – Internet Babes. Quite suspicious huh? The dates of those blog entries are in between his other blog posts, and the way he wrote it, tells us clearly that he was the one behind those Babe entries. It’s cool if you’re into hot girls, but very young looking girls, that’s not right anymore. If you’re defamed, I’m so sorry for you, but you can’t turn things around anymore because of that category you have on your blog. Actually, regardless whether the Sweet Young Malaysian Girls is linked to you or not, that category itself disturbs me and possibly many others.

Keep your fetish to yourself cause it’ll keep you out of trouble, really.

Anyway, what else could we do? We’ve all reported the horrid blog. Me and the rest of the world are just sitting around waiting for the blog to be shred to pieces into the internet dustbin and an explanation from Dustyhawk who conveniently disappeared from the internet for several hours now.

I’ve been catching up on the comments to see what people think about this issue, most would suggest and warn the girls to start privatising their profiles and pictures.. Too late. Maybe the creator of that disgusting blog has already saved each and every photo of us girls already. Honestly, I think the warning that everyone should also be reminding each other is to always, ALWAYS make sure that you take care of yourself in cyber world AND the real world. Keep a look out for yourself and your friends while you’re out having fun. In cyber land, don’t expose your address or any super duper personal information. I know there’s no way we can avoid creeps/peeping toms/rapists/psychos completely, but an easy extra step to protect yourself, why not?

Anyway, I’m pretty much thankful that he only posted pictures taken from our Facebook accounts and not personally taking photographs of us, stalking us in real life but the most pissing off part of this whole situation is reading all the rude and dumb comments made by the public. I’ve stopped after seeing 1 guy’s comment. Pointless to continue reading and get all agitated over people who couldn’t care less.

I can’t even.. Uggh..

It’s not like he privatised his pictures to begin with, why is it that only ‘imbecile’ (referring to us girls) should stop giving access of pics on social media? That gave me the impression of a sexist. If a girl was raped, I am so certain that he would accuse the girl for being there or showing too much skin and caused the man to rape her. (Gee, it’s obnoxious to even write that sentence)

We, the girls, authorized the profile pictures to be on public, heck, we post them on social media so people can view them. That’s the whole purpose. Social media is such a big part of so many people’s lives now. And with Google, you can find a million pictures of girls naked/under aged/cute/young/Asian/Caucasian/half naked whatever.

I think the biggest reasons why we’re all so disgusted by it is because of the compilation of so many mutual girl friends in the blog and those photos are of when the girls are aged 13-17 years old. Doesn’t that creep the shit out of you?? You’re clearly weird, if it doesn’t. If it doesn’t bother you, then don’t bother commenting in the first place.

 Blah, blah, blah… Unnecessary vulgarity.

What a drama. Any updates, do comment below! I’d love to know if the blog has been taken down or any explanations appear on internet.


Here’s the latest response from DustyHawk -> Link

Guess what guys, we’re all just an experiment. Woo! I didn’t know people are allowed to use our photographs without our consent. Someone should make a short film about this huge scandal – How to lose all your friends over a weekend.

Joke of the era. His ego is so high up, nobody can see it anymore. Who in the right mind would ever would risk losing reputation, connections and friends for such a pathetic experiment? Are you going through mid life crisis or something? 10 years of ‘experience’, you should know better than to cause such damage to your non-existent reputation. Now, you’ve got your 5 minutes of fame, are you happy? Are you extremely proud of yourself with this extremely unnecessary achievement in life? Or did you not bother asking these questions yourself?

You’re so egoistic and arrogant, nobody is going to hate you any lesser with your latest statement(s). Misusing laws of power blogging?!? I mean, what is that? Took you 3 days to find such laws? Your desperate level is catching up with your ego up there.

Easiest Ways to Reuse Your Beaubox

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As promised, a dedicated entry on how to reuse your Beaubox.

You could really just reuse it as a container. After all, it’s a pretty durable cardboard box, pretty in pink.

It’s my new Bow Box now. Geddit geddit, Beaubox.. Bow Box…. 😀
Well, I have a thing for bows/ribbons, I have tons of them (and many more to come), so this box is the perfect box to store them.

This heart shape cutout on the top of the box is made intentionally.

Now that the heart is cut out, you can use the box as a tissue box! 😀

Or as a vase and put various decor in it. You could always go traditional and add in a few flowers.

I use it to put teddy bears. This one in particular was a lil too big though

So I changed and used these few teddy bears instead. Look pretty nice eh?

Till the next entry. 😀

Are you a Brownie?

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I find Brown-lovers unique. Not many people love the colour brown… But you may be a Brownie and didn’t know about it! I’m talking about your personality colour! (: (Well, if your have a brown personality colour, I’m calling you a Brownie!) You’re definitely a Brownie if you’re friendly, trustworthy and dependable! Psychologically, Brownies are genuine and sincere at heart. Well, brown isn’ only associated with down to earth and organic, but also shows a certain level of elegance. Off white and brown, cream and light brown… Don’t you find the combination elegant and classy? I made a checklist for all of you potential Brownies. :3

Brownie’s Checklist:

  • Down-to-earth
  • Practical
  • Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Sincere
  • Warm
  • Protective
  • Confident

So are you a Brownie? If you are, let me suggest something for you, yeah? Wear your personality colour via your phone! I’m talking about the recently released Samsung Note 2 Amber Brown! (I like how it has my name in it.) I personally think it’s unique. The texture makes it look a little wood-y. A pretty classic colour, honestly. Don’t you think? Go check ’em out in major Samsung outlets and let me know what you think!

That guy’s definitely a Brownie, he carries the personality of a sincere, quiet, comforting and sensitive Brownie!

Check out the other two blogposts of the Samsung Note 2! Ruby Wine | Pastel Pink


Ode To Liberty

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HELLO ! It’s been what, 2 months? Oh my . I’mma do a really short post now .. To kick start my passion for blogging, again . (:

I’mma tell you about this awesome blog .

First click , I thought it was some US fashion website . But nohhhhh, it’s Malaysian. So professionally done . LIKE ! They also have their blog , which has quite a number of interesting posts. Go check it out!


And the best part is their shop .


*day dreams*

Warning though, their stuff aren’t cheap. Their items are classy , detailed and very unique . It’s like shopping in Pavilion but online . They have a wide range of items from clothes to shoes to bags. When you click on an item, it sends you to a page with the photograph where you can move the cursor around to take a closer view. And they included a few photos of the same item. Awesome!


An Instant Way of Making Chicken Noodles Soup

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  1. Mamee Sllrrrp Chicken Flavour
  2. Chicken fillet
  3. Prawns
  4. Xiao Bai Cai (Xiu Pak Choi)
  5. Red Chilli, sliced
  6. Spring Onions, sliced


  1. Wash vegetables. Slice chicken and shell prawns. If preferred,  marinade chicken with a little pepper and cornflour.
  2. Boil water and put in noodles.
  3. Add vegetable, prawns and the chicken slices. Cover and boil two minutes.
  4. Add in packet of seasoning, transfer to bowl and garnish with sliced spring onions and a dash of pepper.

Voila! It’s that simple. For those who like eating it pedas, serve with chillies in soya sauce! 😀 YUM. 😀

Basically, you can add any of your favourite ingredients. The sky’s the limit. Think fishball, crabstick, whole chicken wing, chicken balls, fish cake, beansprouts etc! Well, don’t add in stuff that don’t go with it like pumpkin or something. That would totally ruin the chicken noodles.


Nang it!