Armageddon Expo 2014

¬†We queued for 40 minutes just to sing a 4 minute song. It was so worth it though. We sang ‘I Love It’ by Icona Pop and scored 2.8 million points! ūüėõ

While queuing for Singstar, we saw plenty of awesome cosplayers like these Pad Men. Lolol.

I reckon these two were the best out of all. They looked so damn bad ass!

¬†I can’t imagine how tired this kid got at the end of the day. Extremely adorable when he started to just push the cardboard box to move forward instead of carrying it. Hahaha

¬†We wanted the ‘I am the one who knocks’ poster so bad… It’s such a shame that we encountered two upsetting Breaking Bad moments.
First, the only nice looking poster sold out.
Boohoo, cry us a river. ):

Amazing artwork. Wish the prints were slightly cheaper though..

Such a cool idea, ey?

Feels like Diablo 2 in real life.

 Support Level 13 on Kickstarter! They have a pretty interesting concept of Left for Dead in the real world.
I can’t wait for them to actually happen. Playing Co-op missions with friends in real life would be so much fun.


Walter White-look-a-like

As usual, we over order. We have this serious food problem that we need to fix soon.

Last Week of Classes

Duruje Festival and Diwali Weekend

¬†A pretty good idea for a replacement of an ice cream cone… But it tastes horrible! ):

I’m quite curious about their love relationship. Lol.

¬†Pretty girls everywhere…

¬†Pretty boys everywhere… … …


Diwali Festival

¬†After watching the first episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show… I’m just gonna lay off clowns for a bit.

 Look, human children in hamster balls!

The henna quality was pretty shit, to be honest. Wasted $15 and a whole lot of time.

I promise I’ll update more frequently now. Got scolding from Miss Yukiko already. ):

None Tree Hill, Movenpick and Frosty Bay

 We went for an almost-impromptu picnic at Cornwall Park.

Bushy Croissant.

Hahh. Pop that bottle, Zing.

She’s a unicorn.

The whole bunch of us.
Zing, Ian, Amirah, Nadhirah, Tasha and me.

It was a terrible idea to attempt a beach walk. It was freezing!

Till next time.

Dreary Saturday

Sherine left for Malaysia on Sunday, so we spent the Saturday with her.


¬†“OMG, it’s so good!”

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