Mini Mid-August Photo Dump


Prawns and scallops accompanied by freeze dried mandarin oranges on cauliflower puree.
Kirsty Gardy first taught them some really useful tips on food styling. I’ve learnt a lot from her.

Vanilla Panna cotta with some biscuit crumbles, chocolate, strawberries and sweet balsamic vinegar

I conducted two sessions with Zomato early this month as part of Restaurant Month, teaching a couple of people some tips and tricks on food photography. It was interesting to teach two different bunch of people who are bloggers, Instagrammers, enthusiasts, and restaurant owners. Some asked a lot of questions which made the class a whole lot more fun.


It’s going to be another hectic week ahead, I’ll end this short post with a sunset pic and a self portrait.


Photo Dump August

The first quarter of this semester has been hectic (Still is). Somehow, I still managed to find the time to do way more photography than I have in the last 6 months. Maybe it’s because I took up a Photography class this semester and it has been pushing me to do some. Regardless, I’m quite happy to start photographing people again.

Kudos to my lovely model who was willing to freeze in this wretched windy winter.



More birds. Birds everywhere.

Popin’ Cookin’ Candy Sushi Making!


My sister and I stumbled across this when we were out shopping and I couldn’t resist. I always wanted to try them out. Japanese are so creative with stuff like these.

Isn’t it neat? All you need is a small bowl of water. No fuss at all!

The powder for the rice has a super duper strong bubblegum smell.


While rolling them and molding them into small rectangular shapes, they were  a bit powdery and had crystals all over (Sugar, perhaps?) Well, it does look like sushi rice. Just extremely overcooked and wet-looking sushi rice.

Making the seaweed was pretty easy. It’s like playing with Play-Doh!

 Yellow: Egg, Red: Tuna
Citrusy and grape-y smells.

It’s not easy to flatten them to an even layer. For a perfectionist at least.
Frustration level: 7/10

Making the ebiko was the most fun part. It’s like watching science unfold, making you wonder, HOW DOES THE BALLS NOT STICK TO EACH OTHER?


There was such a diabetic smell in the house…


Well, they look  pretty realistic. The colour of the tamago sushi was a bit off but overall, I think they look pretty awesome. $7.49 NZD worth of fun right there. 😀

Winter Break

Jon came over to visit for two weeks. We had so much fun, sometimes we forgot about taking photographs. You’d start to notice that the photos started off looking all nice and pretty (cause it’s photographed with my DSLR) and then we got lazy and just stuck to Jon’s Samsung S5. A few exceptions to the last few photos, I just can’t leave my camera behind for a sunset shot, come on!


We did a 5 day road trip down to Wellington, stopping for a night at Rotorua and another night at Hastings. With our rented Toyota Camry from Hertz, we had so much fun, even while driving. Jon was in charge of music obviously, and we were jamming to Alabama Shakes, Radiohead, The Black Keys, Bonobo and Nightmares on Wax. Now, we can’t wait to do a longer road trip in South Island. Potentially two weeks? That would be even more awesome.

Lunch at Fat Dog Cafe, Rotorua

Outside Rotorua Museum.

I promised to make full use of the selfie stick. It’s super useful when there’s only the two of us.

We had dinner at Ten Twenty Four at Hastings. When we arrived (without reservation, how clever!), we circled the building, wondering if it was closed for a private function. Thankfully, the waiter came out to the side door and we were able to ask if it was open. Although they only accept reservations, we were lucky that it wasn’t a busy night and the chef would be delighted to have us.

We were quite early, so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. It’s almost as if Jon reserved the whole restaurant for me. Hah, jokes.

Double cheese burger at Five Boroughs, Wellington
That gherkin..


This scaredy cat doesn’t dare to walk through the upper dam without me. 😛

At Island Bay Marine Education Centre-Bait House Aquarium, Wellington
That’s a mouthful.

The one minute sunset passed so fast.

In this trip, we have covered a lot of ‘first times’. Unintentional relationship goals achieved. Hah!

  • Road Trip ✓
  • Slept at 9pm together like old folks (It’s for the sake of waking up early to drive, people) ✓
  • Took a tacky kissy photo (with one leg up!) in front of a point of interest at Rotorua Museum. ✓
  • Nature walk (At Zealandia, Wellington) ✓
  • Beach walk ✓
  • Candle lighted romantic dinner for two at Two Twenty Four (Plus points: Whole restaurant to ourselves) ✓
  • Made home made burgers from scratch ✓
  • Discovered new places in the North Island of New Zealand✓
  • Freezed on top on a mountain, Mount Victoria, Wellington(Well, a hill, really) ✓
  • Watched a 1 minute sunset together (Oh, so romantic) ✓
  • Bought non-stick pans together (WHAT?!?) ✓
  • Jon supported me at one of my photography workshops ✓

I can’t wait for him to be back again soon. Meanwhile, I’ll deal with the winter winds first.

Lace With Grace

The fragility and details of laced clothing never fail to add a touch of elegance and grace. I know some women often dismiss laced clothing almost instantly because it wouldn’t fit with their style or it’s too feminine. But there’s plenty of ways to put an outfit together without losing your own personal style. Besides, why not add a lil’ femininity in your wardrobe?

5 Easy Ways to Wear Lace Tops With Style

1.  Pair it with Skirts

Flaunt your feminine side by pairing a pretty lace crop top or a bralet with a cute skirt. You could even pair up a lace top and a lace skirt, resembling a pretty lace dress. Lace tops can be paired with almost any types of skirts. Tight fitting skirts, skater skirts and even midi skirts!

2. Work it with Flare Trousers

Flare pants are very difficult to pull off but if you do it right, you’ll get the most sophisticated and modern look, especially with a pair of bold earrings and stilettos.

3. Style it with Denim

When you need a casual outfit, pair it a cute laced top with jeans. Keep in mind that contrast is the key. If you have a lovely lace crop top, pair it with skinny jeans. If you have a long sleeved lace top, pair it with a cute pair of jean shorts.

That should be enough to convince you to get a piece of lace clothing! Of course, there’s heaps of places you can find lace clothing but Zalora is a start for the latest lace fashion clothing for women collection . They’re definitely worth checking out. I especially love their lace dresses. (:

(Images sourced from Google)

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