La Mexicana, Jalan Nibong

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A shot of Esmeralda (if I’m not mistaken) at work . The heart decorations look so unique ! All of their decor are from Mexico !

Lovely Carmela De Ponte, the Mexican-Italian chef that runs the kitchen here . She sounded supremely passionate when she talks about authentic Mexican food, and tales from her childhood, how all the neighbours are so close to each other, and as well as how she spent most of her time at the kitchen with everyone else.

Margarita (RM25)

La Mexicana “Tuna” Margarita (RM25)
Now this is unique . The “Tuna” here actually meant cactus. Yes, this is a Cactus Margarita. Well, it has a unique taste to it. I would choose this over the normal margarita any day. It has a more balanced flavour to it as the cactus juice gives it a fruity taste, and then comes the alcohol as the after taste. Awesome stuff .

Ceviche “Acapulco” (RM20)
This was one of my favourite bonatas. Don’t judge it’s taste by it’s looks ! It’s citrus-y accompanied by a lovely light creamy after taste. It’s just beautiful. Note: It may taste a little too fishy for some people, but I like how it’s that fishy because it suits the citrus-y sauce.

Guacamole (RM20)
Chunky pieces of avocado ! I love how they served it in a mortar. It’s like a subliminal message to the customer, saying , ‘Hey, we don’t blend our food, we mash ’em ourselves’

Tacos “Campechanos” (RM22)
3 tacos with handmade corn tortillas, stuffed with “Carnitas” of pork, served with pork Chicharrón (fried pork rinds), cilantro, onion and Molcajete red sauce. Shredded meat, fried pork skin and topped with gorgeous Molcajete red sauce makes the perfect tacos as bonatas for your meal !

“Nopas” Asado Con Queso (RM30)
Capsicum ? Not even close ! It’s a cactus leaf! Grilled cactus leaf served with Panela cheese on top. It’s an acquired taste actually, it really does smell like capsicum. Take a bite, and you’d find it slightly hot (Almost like capsicum, but the hot-ness comes from the Salsa Verde sauce), after a while, you will start to notice it’s slightly slimy .. Yes, slimy ! Almost like brinjal or lady fingers. Odd, isn’t it ? The panela cheese definitely helped me to calm down from the over excited feeling from the cactus ..

Queso Fundido Con Chorizo (RM18)

“Sopes” De Papa Con Chorizo (RM18)
Always served in threes, sopes topped with bits of mashed beans, potato, chorizo (pork sausages) and cheese, served with Salsa Verde sauce.

Camarones “Mojo De Ajo” (RM60)
Sauteed giant shrimps in butter and toasted garlic, flambe with Tequila “Patron” served with white rice with corn and fresh tomato salad.

“Fajitas Nortenas” De Pollo (RM50)
Chicken fajitas with “Chili Poblano”, bacon, onion and accompanied with Salsa Verde sauce and 3 flour tortillas.


La Mexicana (Me-hi-ca-na)

The Terrace at Hock Choon,
Jalan Nibong (off Jalan Ampang),
50450 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 4253 5251


Hokano, Uptown Damansara

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Mm . My favourite Jap restaurant in PJ . I loved this place ever since I was a little girl . Really :3
It’s so homely, so comfortable . It’s such a neighbourhood Japanese restaurant. I love it .

7 types of mushrooms in a single dish ! How awesome is that?! Sadly for you , it’s one of the daily specials, so wear your lucky undies , maybe you’d be lucky enough to be able to order these lovely mushrooms .

Another of the daily specials. The soup is fabulous . A must try !!! That’s if … You’re lucky . (;

Sanma Shioyaki (RM16.50)
Mummy introduced this fish to us very long ago .. Then prices hiked up . So we stopped having it at home . I’m so glad to be able to have it again ! It’s super duper sweet . It’s so explainable , it’s just different . I promise you, you’d like it very much if you’re a fish person . 😛

Squid squid squid . Hot stuff . Something nice for tea time while you chat away with your friends. (Daily Specials too)

Hokano Roll (RM30)
There’s 101 things inside the Hokano Roll .. … … Just kidding, who am I fooling ? The photo is just up there ..
BUT! It does have prawn tempura , crabstick inside and eel, avocado and tabiko on the outside . That’s almost 101 to me for a Sushi Roll . It’s super duper yummy, do try it out !
Or you could opt for the Spider Roll (RM16.50) ,  Kano Roll (RM21), Philadelphia Roll (RM12.95)  . They’re my top favourites . Even the Spicy Salmon Roll (RM8) , it’s just so fresh, so delicious!
Kano roll has cream cheese and eel inside, whereas philadelphia roll has smoked salmon and cream cheese

Sashimi Moriawase (RM54.90)
Superb . They’re fresh , and just simply delicious . My favourite one is the butter fish . Yummy .

Tenzaru Inaniwa Udon (Cold) (RM17.50)
I normally order the Zaru/Ocha soba cause it’s yummy, filling and cheap . This is the first time I’m trying their Tempura cold udon .. The udon is awesome ! But I still prefer the zaru/ocha style .


I’ve been busy all week with assignments (and as well as gaming too much) , hence the ultra late posts . I’ll promise to update asap ! (:

Hokano (Pork-free)

Facebook Page 
74, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, MY.
03-7729 5325


Back in Time @ Wok Cafe

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Hey there people, I’m not here to talk about my exams in school. Why not viewing these 2 blogs and my Facebook status comments?
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Anyway, last Sunday afternoon, mum and I went to Wok Cafe at 26, PJU5/21, Kota Damansara. They serve authentic Nyona food and local food as well. Their staff are friendly and efficient. The walls of the restaurant are covered with antiques and old-fashioned wooden doors and walls! Its like back in the Shi Huang Ti time!






So I was testing.. Experimenting. Haha. How does this look? O_o

Char Kuay Teow (RM7.00)
With big prawns, squid, chinese sausage, omelette and tau ge.
Best dish I had for lunch. Not your typical char kuay teow at coffeshops. This one is premium. (:



Lorbak (RM7.00)
Crispy pork rolls marinated with 5-Chinese spices in beancurd sheets
Real huge pork rolls!



Jiu Hoo Char Rm  8.00(s)  Rm  11.00(m)  Rm  17.00(l)
Turnips with carrots, cabbage, mshrooms & dried cuttlefish served with Chinese lettuce and sambal




Put some jiu hoo char in the chinese lettuce, with and put some sambal on it, then nom nom nom.. Eat it up! 😀

Penang Assam Laksa (RM6.00)
Spicy yet my all time favourite – Assam Laksa.


Gulai Tumis Fish Rm  14.00(s)  Rm  20.00(m)  Rm  26.00(l)
Very spicy indeed! Yes very yummy.
Warning: Once you try this, you might not be able to stop yourself from having more. 😀




Chee Cheong Fun
Typical Penang style chee cheong fun. it isn’t like KL chee cheong fun that has yong tau foo.



Assam Big Prawns Rm 20.00(s)  Rm 25.00(m)  Rm  35.00(l)
Pan fried tamarind caramelized prawns served with cucumber & sambal belacan



Pork Cincalok  Rm  12.00(s)  Rm  17.00(m)  Rm  22.00(l)
Recommended. Beautifully made, chewy..


Perut Ikan Rm  8.00(s)  Rm  11.00(m)  Rm  17.00(l)
Tangy & spicy vegetable goulash with local fish tripe & roe
A quiet taste.. I quite like the roe, but the fish tripe is a little too chewy.


Sago Mango (RM3.50)
One word – YUM.

Sago Nangka (RM3.50)


David, the chef. 😀

Taa for now. (: