Bali #Day 2

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MORNING !! Well, it’s 9am, time to go explore Bali ! ^^

I love small details of our room number . Bali is known for their wood crafting too. Ain’t it lovely?

Managed to snap this beauty before heading out to watch the Barong dance.

We arrived at about 9.30am .. A lot of people are buying tickets to the dance too !

It was quite a long wait for the show to start, we waited for a few more audience to come in .

That’s Barong . Isn’t it just adorable ? Haha .

One of the servants dancing . This is when the devil starts to possess her . She gets all confused and angry all of the sudden.

Although tourists understood no shit of what they said , we all understood the dance . (Besides, they gave us leaflets on the synopsis of the dance) I know a few words they said, but the music overpowered their voices, I couldn’t really make out the sentences.

After the dance, we went to look at the Kuta Palace (If I’m not wrong)

And then we went to the market nearby to shop !

I love their Police Post . Absolutely striking .

For lunch, we went to Naughty Nuri’s Warung for some pork ribs !

41, Jalan Batubelig, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta, Bali
(62) 0361 847 6722


I wanted to order their Chili Con Carne too .. Apparently that’s one of the popular dishes  But it finished already ): Boohoo .

Mum’s definitely enjoying it .

We also ordered their fried rice . Heavenly. Never tasted such flavourful fried rice in a long long time . And it’s so simple. Rice, veggie and sliced chicken . :O

I bought a beautiful Karimba/Kalimba/Mbira . The soundbox is made of coconut with a piece on wood on top . The little girl who sold it to me said it’s a Karimba . But I’m google-ing it as I’m writing this .. It originated from Africa ? Errr .. Doesn’t matter, I bought it for 20,000 rupiah. Pft .


Her cute-ness and manja-ness can beat any salesman .

OH AND I FOUND ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL TREASURE . It moved so fast, I could only snap 1 photo of it .. Not very clear but STILL …

Next door was this shop which sells only Bob Marley merchandises. Anything Jamaican , you can find it here . Stickers, scarves, clothes, badges .. Posters … ._. And this isn’t the only one . So, Bob Marley fans, you know where to visit to get these items .

If I have someone to play congkak with everyday, I will get that . Oh god, it’s so beautiful.

Hey, here’s a random photo of a guy roasting Luwak Coffee.

This fake Crocs slippers have been with me for 5 years . Been to Thailand and New Zealand with me too . Best slippers to travel with .

Temple visiting after lunch . First stop – Tirta Empul !

This is the only temple that lends us a really nice sarong . And this cloth belt that comes with it . We donated a few bucks to them .

Bathe in this water and you shall be purified !!!! And clean .

Dinner time wasn’t very interesting .. We went to Dirty Duck Diner (Bebek Bengil) . Not very satisfying ..


Sanur, Bali #Day 1

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Woke up at about 5am in the morning to get ready to go to the airport . I didn’t eat much the night before, so I was really hungry in the morning . Got so hungry and grumpy till I had my breakfast at Old Town  . It was my first time on MAS . :O Didn’t realize that .. Quite exciting . The trip to Bali, I mean ! I was still on my phone while people were putting things onto the cabins above, this Caucasian air steward scared the shit out of me, asking me to turn off my phone . :X MAS didn’t have an extensive music library .. I just listened to Calvin Harris’ 18 Months Continuous Mix . Nothing else looked good . And watching a movie would be pointless because it was a 2 hour and 40 minute flight . Their headphones are shit though .. But works , so I guess we’re fine . /:

The pilot or whoever that was announcing is lousy . He mumbled throughout his announcement , I don’t know what the heck he said .

When we arrived, we waited by the conveyor belt for our luggage .. 10 minutes passed, and I started to get worried . I was starting to think maybe they sent our luggage to London instead, because I saw the same damn checkered luggage bag go pass me at least 15 times. And there is this inconsiderate couple who irritated me as much as the checkered luggage bag.  The man keeps pushing and squeezing his way pass me (DUDE, YOU AIN’T GOIN’ NO WHERE). Then the wife keeps repeating her words . So much so that even I remember till now. ‘No dear, our bag is bigger than that. Way bigger.’ , ‘Ours has a lock with a red ribbon tied to it.’ , ‘ ‘Why is it so slow??’ And then she moves in closer to me, pushing me behind. What will you achieve from that ?

First thing I saw when I arrived at Diwangkara Holiday Villa was this life size chess set. Well .. Not exactly human size, but it’s huge enough .

While mummy checks in, I walked around and explored a lil .


Look at the carvings !!!! AND THE CHANDELIER .. No, the carving looks more unique . Looks way cooler at night, look below !! 😀

Welcoming my mama to the villa 😀

My Ah Ee is excited . 😀

Bags are off to our room 118 .

Going for lunch now, yay !

We had our lunch at Lagenda .. Don’t really wanna show you what we had cause it’s Malaysian-ish food .

Here’s a random photograph .

Onward with the room pictures ! 😀

That’s the door to our room . With me saying hello ._. What a distraction . 😛

Let’s go in a take a look !

Feels so cool to always have to pass this door to enter and exit .. (This view is from inside the compound)

This is what you see when you walk through that door .

And then you turn to your right… LOOK !!!!!! HEAVEN .

On the right is the bathroom .

Which looks like this , where the sink is .

Then on the left are water bottles.

Then on the right is a door room , to where the bathtub, shower and toilet is .


So magical . Will be jumping into the pool later a lil . Spa first !

Let’s go for our massage !

The massage was good , except that I’m ticklish .. And through this regretful decision of picking a back massage over a foot massage, I found out that I’m more ticklish on the left compared to the right . Boy, it was dreadful when she massaged my left side, and then I realized .. OH NO, THERE’S A RIGHT SIDE TO GO . T_T Well, I didn’t enjoy it as much cause I was ticklish, but it was a pretty decent massage .. Really . ): My mum enjoyed it ..

After the massage, mum and I walked to Sanur beach just to check things out


HUGE SEASHELLS . The shell at the bottom is the size of my foot at least.

Look at it . LOOK AT ITTT . :3 Adorable little furry friend .

There’s a museum nearby . It’s a museum of pictures of a painter’s dancer wife . Something like that .





Our first night was a chill night .. Didn’t do much . Just explored nearby the resort and for dinner.

Looks familiar ? Yeahhh. We ended up eating at KFC . Not joking . Well, first off it’s cheap. And they looked like they had pretty cool items ..
WELLLLLL .. We wanted to go to Jazz Cafe, but there was this huge group of China tourists .. Ruined the atmostphere . I felt like I was in a morning market .

They had bergedel . And it taste so, so good .. Bergedels are mashed potato balls dipped in egg and deep fried . Yummy !

Sponge ! Nah, it’s actually bread.

It’s so cute, I just had to take a picture . LOL It’s a square looking bread with no skin . JUST LIKE A SPONGE . AND GREEN . HOW CAN YOU NOT THINK IT’S A SPONGE AT FIRST SIGHT?

And then they have stuff like this … KUKUBIMA (; HAHA

Mum was excited when she saw they had packet milk powders . So was I ! :O Wish they sold them here .

We saw Spongebob ice cream and couldn’t resist . So we bought one .


Though , it didn’t exactly look like spongebob ……..

Parkir – Parking . Now I know !

Lights out ! Stay tuned for the blog post about Day 2 ! 😀