Arthur’s Day 2013

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I’m gonna be really straightforward here. Not gonna tease you on Arthur’s Day 2013. WHO WOULDN’T BE EXCITED OVER THIS CELEBRATION ANYWAY? SKIP ALL THE TEASES, STRAIGHT TO THE MAIN POINT. Pictures of the events later. ๐Ÿ˜›

Arthur’s Day 2013 Celebration will be held in Sepang International Circuit Welcome Center! So what’s the lineup like? Well…

The All American Rejects !
My favourite boy band when I was 12! I can’t wait to see them live!


Also, you have The Wanted and Five Feet Fighting!

Click on this link to find out more about Arthur’s Day 2013!

And here’s theย linkย to all the information for ticketing. (: (Feels good to make your life easier)

Last night’s pictures at their little party at KL Live.


They had Armadeus to cater some food. Armadeus never fails to impress me. Their mushroom soup, roast lamb and potato salad was so good.

Oh, we had Morning Glory performing some songs when they were annoucing the lineup for Arthur’s Day too. ๐Ÿ˜› Morning Glory… Tsk, everyone knows who you guys are! ๐Ÿ˜›

Officiating Arthur’s Day!


They gave us a little gift too. A little pot for us to plant Ulam Raja . Yay!

Page 2 by Plan B, Publika

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Last Thursday on Merdeka eve, I went for the launch party for Page 2 by Plan B. The BIG Group are expanding and expanding !! :O Anyway, Page 2 is an open air bar with gorgeous decor . Diggin’ the stacked up retro TV . Only 4 of the televisions are turned on , showing a grainy screen with P-A-G-E-2 words.

Sadly, because it was so packed, it was like a man made sauna . Literally .
I tried their FROSTY BEER . OMGHYPERVENTILAING . Imagine, in the man made sauna , you, sitting there sandwiched between your friends, sipping super duper COLD beer, with icy foam . Yes, you heard me, ICY FOAM on top !

Mini lamb pies . Oh, oh , did I mention the awesome fact that the menu is on every table ? ๐Ÿ˜€

After the awesome launch party, I headed down to Posh Club in Sri Hartamas . That sad place . I swear I thought I stepped into a retro club with karaoke set ups. I mean, look behind me , it’s empty ;_;


More Than Beer @ Craft Brews

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What do you think of beer? I personally do not like beer. I’m a champagne person. Anyway, mum and I went to Craft Brews @ Mutiara Damansara. It’s opposite of Tesco to be exact. The place is quite big with many glass doors. Really comfy and abstract place with nice music. Apparently, Craft Brews is in Malaysia for the very first time.


Black and white, very zen.


Meanwhile, these are very earthly/beach-like.


The bar. Ain’t the pipes cool? The colour made it stand out even more.


A diagram on how beer is made is drawn on one side of the wall.


“Snake Dog” India Pale Ale (RM18)


“Old Scratch” Amber Lager (RM18)


“Doggie Style” Classic Pale Ale (RM18)


Monster Green Lager & English Ale (1/2 Pint: RM17 , 1 Pint: RM29, 3.5 , litre tower: RM199)



Deep-fried Eggplant chips (RM12)
Recommended to go with a beer. But I hate eggplant! I had one tiny bit but it has the most eggplant-taste ever.



Bacon-wrapped Classic Roast Pork Skewers (RM16)
Note: Only available from 5pm onwards
These are lovely, There are total of 2 skewers, which is perfect with onion, capsicum and the roast pork.



Lemon Grass Butter Dory Fillet (RM26)
Served with capers and lemongrass infused in white wine and cream sauce reduction with wedges and coleslaw
Lovely main course. The lemon grass taste is obvious though the dory fillet is quite salty without the cream sauce. As for the wedges, I find them sweet. Apparently, these are US potatoes!



Honey Mustard Back Ribs and Tex-Mex Hickory BBQ Back Ribs (Combined) (RM35)
I love the honey mustard back ribs! Basically it’s cause the honey mustard sauce is sour as for the tex-mex, it’s too sweet for my liking.



Caribbean Spiced Chicken (RM18)
The sweetness of the peanut sauce overwhelmed the chicken meat. Lovely sandwich but I wouldn’t be able to finish the whole portion. O_O






Moist Chocolate Brownie (RM16)
Nice and warm with bits of pecan nuts. Yummy.


Chocolate Filled Banana Fritters (RM16)
Recommended to share, as this is quite boring after a while. But banana and chocolate always, ALWAYS go together. No? (:



Those are what they use to make the beer. One of them think the hops look like rabbit food. Haha!