Table 23, Jalan Mesui

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Potted Shrimp (RM15)
Served with homemade Olive Foccacia & Grape Chutney

They made their own bread and chutney. Their foccacia taste fabulous (A lil oily though), and their grape chutney was delicious although I’d personally wished it was less sweet. I’m not so much into sweet stuff. The potted shrimp was okay . It’s not something really big to shout about but it’s something you don’t often get around here.

Crabby Curry Bee Hoon (RM15)
This one, is amazing. We were all thinking, what the hell .. It’s such a Western-themed restaurant, and we’re here having … Crabby Curry Bee Hoon ? Okay it’s Malaysia, we still enjoy our Asian food but c’mon !
We were stunned when it came . It was “HAH, IN YOUR FACE” for us. It’s just so good .
A lot of people would think it’s like Sarawak laksa, it has that slight hint of Sarawak laksa taste. The shredded crab, the chiffonade basil and mint leaves.. It was just simply divine . Each of us finished our bowls within minutes. It was that good .


We didn’t manage to finish our food review though.. Jalan Mesui had electricity problem . I don’t know what happened but it was really sad for the whole road. Business for that night just died like that . And they were fogging the place during dinner time . How brilliant ! Like, come on , who wants to eat their dinner fogged with the pesticide stuff ? Seriously?

Table 23

23, Jalan Mesui,
50200, Kuala Lumpur

+603- 2141 0023

Dinner @ Giovino, Changkat Bukit Bintang

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Sunday, my last day of holiday until school starts. Spent the morning and afternoon with Victor. We watched the movie, Valentine’s Day as well! It was not too bad! Actually, it was quite good. Except that, Taylor Swift acted like as if she’s a real dumb teenage blonde.. That one just turned me off.. Instantly.

Anyway, we went to Giovino, Chankat Bukit Bintang for dinner. It’s a little pricey, but worth every cent! It’s a non-halal Italian restaurant. Nowadays, you can seldom find a good non-halal Italian restaurant. Giovino has a beautiful interior. Especially the upstairs. It looked like a bee-hive kind of thing.




Upstairs! Look at that lovely pattern on the wall..




Chef Giovanni


By the way, they sell cold cuts too!


Pussy Foot (RM12)
It’s sort of reminds me of Oreo. Don’t ask why, it just does. It’s slightly sour if you don’t stir it up together. So, girls! Don’t order this if you decide to throw the cream away.



Kreatopita (RM16)
Baked minced meat in filo pastry
Very sweet juicy minced meat in the loveliest pastry ever.



Spanacopita (RM12)
Baked sautéed spinach in filo pastry
Recommended for vegetarians!




Greek Tiropita (RM16)
Baked goat cheese in filo pastry
OMG. This taste like heaven. The perfect choice for those who absolutely love cheese to bits! This is just so beautiful. The pastry is just as good! Maybe it will even change those who dislikes cheese.. And make them love them so much, they can’t stop eating cheese for the rest of their lives. 😀 (Am I scaring you?)



Pan-fried Scallops (RM28)
On a bed of Portobello mushrooms and garden greens served with red pepper sauce
I love the portobello mushroom. The scallop is quite okay, but not the greatest.


Greek Ntolmades (RM16)
Rolled Vine Leaf with Rice
How do you pronounce this? This is lovely too! Just by smelling it, your mouth would start to water. And this is just an appetizer!


A selection of cold cuts. Really worth it! They are so gorgeous!!


Spaghetti Carbonara (RM26)
with crispy bacon, fresh parmesan and egg
Just nice. It wasn’t too cheesy nor too creamy. It’s a lovely carbonara.



Buccatini Amatriciana (RM28)
Thick Pasta with bacon, onions in spicy herb tomato sauce
Compared to the Carbonara, this one isn’t so great. It’s tomato based, but creamy.



Pan-fried Cod Fillet (RM62)
Wrapped in bacon served with sautéed mushrooms and truffle butter sauce
Without the bacon though.. When I took this picture, my mouth literally watered. The smell of the lovely mushrooms.. The closer I got, I could smell the sweetness of the fish. I couldn’t wait to eat it! YUM!



Pork Steak (RM48)
with potatoes and salad
Imagine a sirloin steak, but it’s pork, and not too raw. 😀


Greek Bifteki (RM52)
Beef patties sealed with emmenthal and bacon
This.. is another piece of heaven. The minced beef patties were juicy! Despite the fact it was minced..


It’s meant to be slightly burnt, so don’t get worried!


Wild Boar (RM48)
Cooked in red wine with mashed potatoes
Victor says it’s almost like lamb.



Lamb Shank (RM38)
with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy
Not my kind of dish, so I can’t describe how it would taste.. ):


Greek Moussaka (RM39)
Baked layers of eggplant, lamb bolognaise, potatoes and béchamel
My mum liked it very much, but I didn’t.. It’s.. Weird..




Cheesy Vanilla Créme Brule (RM16)
You must try this! I can’t describe how heavenly this taste, every mouthful leaves you wanting more. Plus! It’s not too sweet, and good for those who are on a ‘diet’..


Warm double chocolate flan with vanilla ice cream (RM22)
This is another dessert you MUST TRY. Serious, try it. You won’t regret paying RM22!
Do remember to allow 15mins of cooking time.


Latte (RM11)


Spanacopita (RM12)
Baked sautéed spinach in filo pastry